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Jr. Cat
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Any advice? Snoopy does not go outside the box, but rather he goes down the side of the box... and consequently, all over the floor. I have a ranch-style (and can only put the box in the laundry room), so I keep the box extremely clean due to smells. No matter the size of the box, he still goes down the side! My solution for the first few years was to put thick tarp under it and replace it every night... but it got a bit costly. Now I put a large storage tub underneath to catch the urine. I do what I have to do, but it is a bit disgusting (and very smelly). Is there any way to alleviate this - or do I just have to suck it up and keep cleaning?

My darling, little "Peanuts":
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i would like to add that i also had an issue with my cat going in the floor in the same room as his box so, i figured there were neighborhood cats doin their business under my house causing my cat to mark his territory where the smell was comin up through the boards but, he quit after switching his litter in june then started doing it again when it started to get cold outside but, i couldn't figure out how cats were gettin under my house.
so after reading an article on how fleas make cats behave like a drug addict, i decided to bath my cat n WOW!
i found out that he was a flea bag n i didn't know cuz he was so antisocial, i hardly seen him out of hiding (i thought he was just gettin old)
after bathing him real good, it was like fleas were all over my house suddenly so, we bombed the house n treated the cat real good.
now he is jus like a normal loving playful cat again n no more issues with goin in the floor.
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Jr. Cat
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Re things that saved my house

Thank you! I also have this problem with one of my 3 cats and was going bonkers. I finally increased the number of litter boxes and always use Cat Attract litter.

The Little Green Machine is a life-saver and so is Nature's Miracle. Your idea of the black light and pennies is so helpful. Maybe with all these efforts combined I can finally get ahead of the little dickens and correct the problem...
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OMG! I am so grateful for this post! I had no idea how many kitties pee outside the box. I joined this Forum to get advice about this problem and here I found this Post!! My cat goes outside the box too. She started this when she had a UTI a while back, which we cured with meds and different diet. She fully recovered, but had developed a habit of going on he bathroom mats. So I got rid of all of them. She was fine then. But now we had a baby a year ago, which our cat Patsy is not very amused with. So far the cat just kept her distance and ran from the little "crawling monster". But now our baby started walking. Since then Patsy is peeing outside the box again. We are pretty sure, it's because the baby is walking now - more of a disturbance/change in hierarchy maybe? We don't really know what to do to make her feel better. Besides the smell is pretty bad. So I am happy to read the advice here. I tried the Miracle Stuff, but the carpet still smells. Can't take the whole carpet off - we are in a rental house. Maybe I need to soak it even more...??? Any advice with baby and cat, how to make the cat feel better? We try to reassure her. But she seems grumpy.
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Cat pee-ing problems

Best thing I found was the ClumperDumper. It gets clumping litter very, very clean with a minimal amount of fuss. I have partiulcar cats and the ClumperDumper really helped solve this problem.
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Lots of helpful suggestions here!

I am in the process of cleaning up several different areas where my cat urinated. I have been using enzymatic cleaner and then I am convering the area in heavy duty aluminum foil and taping it down with masking tape. I worry about the spots not having adequate ventilation for drying. Am I going to be asking for a mold problem? What other methods do people use to cover the spots until they have dried and are clean? I have a dog, too -- so I it needs to be something both dog and cat would leave alone. I'd love to hear what others have tried.
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What does cat urine on carpet even smell like? I found a damp spot at the edge of the wall near the door that leads to our patio, and to me it smells like a mix of mildew and urine. My husband and mom both say that it smells like cat urine.

If one of the cats is peeing, it's probably our female because the male tends to spray in his litter box. So if it was him, I figured I'd see it on the wall. We recently adopted the male, about four months ago actually, and about three weeks ago we had the carpet in the entire house replaced because we're trying to sell it.

I've never had a problem with her peeing on the floor, and I'm still not convinced that that's even what the smell is. It doesn't smell like "typical" cat urine to me. It doesn't have that strong ammonia smell. Unless.....does it smell different on different surfaces??? I really am not fond of the idea of one or both of the cats peeing on brand-new carpet when we're trying to sell the place. I have enough stress as it is!

But yeah, does that sound like urine to you, or a leak coming in from somewhere and mildewing?
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Thumbs up Fiona is peeing too

Fascinating thread. That first post (from 2004!) is great. I will be following that procedure hopefully tomorrow. I have had no luck with nature's miracle or Dumb Cat, both enzyme treatments. I am going to try Fizzion which makes claims of greatness but dont they all.

The thing about using an enzyme treatment then a steam cleaner (or whatever you call a green machine) is it says right on the bottle that the enzyme takes weeks to work.

During an incident a few years ago, i sprayed and sprayed and put sticky tape down , two sided tape strips , which cats hate. They dont like sticky surfaces, so she stayed off, giving the enzyme time to work. But I also have sprayed enzyme and then covered with a thick sort of welcome mat and she stayed off for a really long time.

The recent ordeal, she has just moved on to the next closest open carpet area. Its a night mare. It is all in one area. but I am going to use Fizzion, green machine, and put a litter box near there. Not sure about Cat Attract because my cat still uses her litter box and is very used to arm and hammer.
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Cat problems

Thank you so much I will try this. However natures miracle is what I used. The one for the steam cleaner and the leave on spray for after it dries. But I haven't tried the litter. I will now!!!
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