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Originally Posted by Nell

I believe the reason for cats giving their owners "gifts" is that they see us at the top of their social heirachy. They're offering us first dibs of their catch.
I never thought of it that way, i know he just likes to play with em but i think this one was all played out.
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Tom Cat
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My cat and dog both would say WARM! They both hate Michigan winters!
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Jr. Cat
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Our cats never offer their catch to us! They hoard them and if we come get the mouse from them, they're like "no way" and run with it LOL. But I was under no delusion that I'm at the top of their hierarchy ... they walk all over me LOL!
Three kitty cats and two kiddos.
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Jr. Cat
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Default Re: Do cats like it warm or cold?

Originally Posted by BowerR64
Latley my cat has been out and about alot latley. Do they like it when its cold out? its like 40 degrees out and hes still gone. He likes to go out about 7am and hes been gone all day the past 2-3 days. When he comes in his ear tips are cold. Does he just hate being inside? or do they like the cold?
I tend to believe 40F to 50F is a typical comfort zone for a short haired cat.

I've seen days where Smokey and Bandit would be sleeping on the patio instead of inside my garage and it would be 45F outside.

Buster tends to prefer sleeping in the basement. In the winter it stays less than 60F in the basement. My den stays around 80F. Upstrairs is around 75F. I think he chooses the coolest spot in the house which is the basement.

Remember cats are wearing a fur coat all year round so they can tolerate cold air better than humans.

Smokey and Bandit now have their winter coats because they are barn cats. When they come in my parents house (when I'm there) to visit they will stay in for about an hour then they have to go outside to cool off because they can't tolerate anything above 75F for more than a hour.
James Seabolt
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Well i didnt know they have a higher body tempratures. That makes sence then they like it fairly cold. I think thomas is use to it because the last owner used a wood stove and at times he didnt use it so it got fairly cold round his house at times. I know what he likes now im not as worried. Thomas likes the basement also, its nice and cool down there when its cold he likes to lay on the steps wich is the happy medium of the house. Not real hot like upstairs but not laying ont he cold floor in the basement. I notice when i put a jacket one and open the windows and get it fairly chilly he will hang around a little longer.
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As long as they have a nice warm place to come back to once they are outside, most cats won't have a problem with spending time outside when it's cold. Of-course, the time my cats spend outside gets noticeably shortened when its cold, more so when it's below zero. They are not allowed to spend the night outside during winter though.
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I agree with Nemrai.
I also think it's a lot to do with age too. I've noticed younger cats have all that energy they like to expel running around and exploring outside, and as long as they are fed and watered and have somewhere warm to go to, they are generally happy. I think when they get middle-aged they like nothing better than a warm cosy fire and a knee and are not so kean on the cold.
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Depends on the cat. Assumpta used to be pretty indifferent to temperature, but since the pancreatitis thing, I've noticed she has a much higher tolerance for hot weather and crowds the stove when it's cold. Some cats are heat-seekers, others like cool spots. Just a note, though: cats are very poor judges of how hot is too hot, and they often don't realise that they're burned until it's already happened, so caution around heating pads, fireplaces and stoves is prudent.

As for mice...well, I USED to think Assumpta was bringing me gifts because I was the "big cat." Since then, I've watched her closely, and she always runs around making the mommy-cat "murf...time to eat!" noise, and tries to forcibly feed me the mouse if I don't come when she calls. So I've come to the conclusion that she just thinks I'm a big, stupid kitten...what a letdown.
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