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Default HELP! My older cat is trying to kill my new kitten!

I have a two-year-old ragdoll cat, named Oscar; I've had him for a year now. We loved him so much we decided to get a new kitten ragdoll. We got this new kitten three days ago and he is very young, only nine weeks.

We keep the kitten in a seperate area of our house, but he is so full of energy and needs so much attention in the evenings we have brought him out into the rest of the house a bit so he can be with us, and be slowly aquainted with Oscar.

When Oscar saw the kitten right when we brought him home for the first time he hissed and got a bit upset (which we expected). We always separate them when they hiss. but today we let them meet, and they were pretty quiet but they stared eachother down a lot, and I caught Oscar trying to stalk, corner, and swat at the kitten. Oscar is at least 5 times the size of this kitten and could kill him easily! And when we put the kitten away in his own part of the house with the doors shut, the kitten will mew loudly for attention and Oscar will wait by the door, sometimes hissing.

I'm afraid that one day when we're not looking he's gonna kill my poor kitten! Has anyone been in a similar situation? Will it just take more time for them to get used to eachother or do you think it is impossible for them to live in the same house?
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I have always kept the new addition apart from the others for a week or so and only let them see each other thru some sort of separation a gate or something. My 2 older Kitty's have been together for 2 years now and they still don't like each other but we have tolerance now. Best of luck and just take the introductions slowly.
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I had the same problem with satan, we ended up having to take the kitten back after 2 was just too stressful for satan the kitten and us. Some cats are ment to be solitary.

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What you're describing is not a problem but entirely normal behavior when introducing a new cat.
Introductions need to be done slowly and carefully to get the best results. Three days is usually not nearly enough time for a cat to become aquainted with a new cat or kitten. It usually takes a week to a month for them to become fully aquainted.

Here are some links that go over the steps you should take when introducing a new cat:

Introducing Your New Cat to Your Other Pets

Cat to Cat Introductions

Integrating a New Cat

Remember that this will take time and patience. We can't give you a timeline of how long the introduction process will take because each cat will react differently, but if you pay careful attention, your cat will let you know when its okay to take the next step.

Also, remember to keep a positive and confident attitude during the process. Your cat will sense if you're unsure or have anxiety about the situation, and it will probably stress him out. Never get angry or punish him if he doesn't react well... just take a step back and try again later. Give lots of love and praise after each encounter. You want him to associate the new kitten with good things instead of feeling threatened.

Good luck!! Hopefully they will be buddies in no time!
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When I introduced Sophie to Caleb he would hiss everytime he saw her as well as swat at her. I probably didn't do things the right way since I just put Sophie on the floor and was like "good luck". (Not literally but you get the idea!) Anyway, it took Caleb a week or so to get used to having her around and then another week and they were cuddling with each other. Time and patience are the key elements when introducing a new pet.

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all cats are naturally teritorial when a new comer comes into the situation. My older cat is the evil of all cats in exitence. I just have a new kitten, he hated him at first, which is to be expected. However they will get over it and maybe not be affectionate to one another but will tolerate each other. It is nothing to worry about. Bringing a brand new baby into a home with a toddler, the toddler will act out in order to get attention and show that this was his mom and dad first! Human and animal nature.
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This is always an issue with the two lumps we have. Penelope is first, older & a ragdoll. Cosby is second, younger & a black tabby. When Penelope first met Cosby she literally wet herself. The several weeks after Penelope would swat at Cosby - bapping him here & there but never hurting him - & Cosby would never run away.

I found out Cosby was always a passive cat. Being Penelope was assertive we thought this would work perfectly. I have to admit I was very nervous for the first few months (yes, months!) Penelope would stalk Cosby at every turn, yet Cosby would just take it.

Penelope would also get a little depressed & aloof. But me & my husband found out that if we humans treated Penelope like first cat or Alpha cat, she would believe that there's no threat to her territory, food, toys or our love for her.

So we followed through with the Alpha Cat routine. We now feed Penelope first, cuddle her first, play with her first & clean her litter box first. Mind you, this is if both cats are in the same room. Cosby got everything immediately second, telling him that even though we're helping Penelope's pride he'll be treated just as well as we treat Penelope. And it works! Like in the wild we re-created a strict social order with the cats. However, if we bring in a 3rd cat I'm sure Cosby will remind us who's 2nd.

Now the two have to be together no matter what. There's the occasional bapping, but it's more like Penelope tapping Cosby with her paw. And Cosby defends himself! Both cats are bouncy happy. Cosby came entirely out of his shyness & Penelope went back to her socialable self again - and then some! When I sit on the couch I end up in a cat sandwhich. They do this in bed now - doubling the warmth!

Overall, I'd say give new kitties time to adjust, but reprimand for bad behavior just like you would if you had a single cat.

- Just wanted to share!

One more note: Penelope is 7 yrs. 3 lbs., Cosby is 2 yrs. 9 lbs. Thus, a white puffball is dominating a small panther...
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Actually, this is quite common. My cat Felix wouldn't let another cat in her sight without either running away, or chasing it away. But, even though we haven't tried yet (or dared to), my family and I know for a fact that she would kill a kitten if we got one. But, some cats on the other hand don't mind having other cats, as long as you pay attention to your first and second cat's reaction.
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This also happened to us when we brought Fry home. As soon Kit got a whif of the new cat smell, she went ballistic. She stayed by the bathroom door and hissed everytime Fry, the new kitten, peeked under the door. This went on for about a week or so...even after we introduced them face to face. Now, they are great friends. They take turns chasing each other around the apartment. They wrestle, groom each other, and play all the time. It's normal.

Just make sure that when you finally let them meet face to face, and if they finally decide to "play" with each other, make sure their claws aren't out.

Goodluck! Remember, patience is a virtue...especially when it comes to introducing cats to each other. If all cats were like out big guy, Brutus. Brutus groomed and accepted Kit and Fry on the first day he met them.
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Ha! We had a cat that when we were moving once, we had the door open wide while we moved things to the truck. I little kitten wandered in and down the hall and I could've swarn that a freight train had come through our house as much noice came down that hall after the poor thing! Cats seem territorial but can also form collonies. In your cat's eyes, you and anyone in your family are it's collony. You add a new cat and not only does the other cat have to ecxept it into the collony but also figure out where the other cat's at in the social order of things. The origonal cat is trying to make sure and keep her place.
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