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Default Cat panting/drooling/meowing episodes

We have a ten year old neutered male cat who has had two episodes within the last 5 weeks or so of heavy panting, some drooling, unable to walk and losing some of his bowels. He is an inactive, overweight cat who is probably about 20 pounds.

The first time we noticed these symptoms was about 5 weeks ago when he came up into our bedroom with a howling type meow. He proceeded to lie on the floor and started to breathe funny. At that time we also noticed a large bowel movement from his back end. We cleaned him up while he was lying there but he proceeded to pant and be somewhat listless for about 15 minutes. At that time we thought it was probably constipation and just continued to monitor him. After a short time, he bounced right back, started breathing normally and everything appeared fine.

Well, on Friday he had another 'episode'. This time he came into the living room and proceeded to do the howling meow. He lied on the floor and I noticed a very small BM from his back end. Again, we cleaned him up and continued to watch him. He was panting and drooling pretty heavily for about 25 minutes or so. He also tried to get up to move to a different spot on the floor and his rear legs weren't working very well. At this point we kept watching him but since he is an overweight cat, we figured it was something to do with his heart and quite honestly thought his time was up very shortly. We had the emergency vet number handy since it was 11:00 at night but after about 30-40 minutes or so from onset we noticed he started to breathe more normally and within a matter of time, he was back to 'normal'.

I plan to call the vet tomorrow to get him in for a checkup but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their cat and if so, does it sound like it's heart related? Do you know what I can expect once I take him in to get checked out?

Thank you.
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Sorry to hear about your kitty. Sounds scary. It could be several things and, yes, among them is heart disease.
I suspect the vet will want to run several tests. First off blood and urine and xrays. Unless they show something right off the bat, they will probably do an ekg and ultrasound.
A couple of things to think about: Is it possible that he has been getting into something he shouldn't? Have you noticed any other subtle changes recently-eating, bathroom habits, weight gain or loss, more needy or reclusive, etc. Let your vet know anything you can think of.
I hope it isn't too serious. Let us know how it goes.
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