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Default ringworm

I went to the vet yesterday with my two cats. One is a 15 year old female and the other is a 4 month old male. The male is a stray I found a week ago. The vet told me that my 15 year old possibly has a thyroid problem (tests will be back on that in a week) and that she does have early kidney disease (a test confirmed this). I am devastated by the news about my 15 year old. However, that is not the problem I currently need advice on, the kitten has what the vet believed to be ringworm. She said i had two choices, to either treat him for it which she said would be a long and unpleasant journey, or bring him to the animal shelter (where he would be put to sleep). I don't have a lot of money (i am a graduate student), but I couldn't bear the thought of him being put to sleep because of a little fungus (he is otherwise very healthy). She told me she was so sure it was ringworm that I just needed to treat him for it (she didn't test him for it). She told me to bath him 2X a week for 3 weeks, and then 1x a week for 6-8 weeks in "Malaseb" shampoo. She also instructed me to "dip" him after shampooing in "Nolvasan". She told me to bath my other cat 1X a week for as a precaution until i was done treating the kitten. I had the kitten for a week before I was able to get a vet to see him, during that time he roamed the house freely. I now have him "quarantined" in the bathroom. Is it necessary to keep the kitten quarantined since he already exposed everyone (including my other cat and my boyfriends kids) to ringworm for a week? If i do need to keep him in the bathroom by himself, how long do i need to do this? Can I reuse the "dip" for both cats (I wash one after the other). Is there some kind of lotion i should be applying directly to his nose, feet and ears (there are some marks on them that is supposedly ringworm). Should he also be on some kind of oral medication? It is very hard to bath a cat and especially to get the cat to hold still for 10 minutes while the shampoo is on (which is what the instructions say to do). Do i need to leave the shampoo on for a full 10 minutes? Isn't there an easier way to do this?! Please someone give me some advice on this! I also need advice for my 15 year old, but figured i would wait until i got all her test results back. If you have any information please let me know.
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Default Re: ringworm

I really don't know much about ringworm, but it's definitely possible to treat it successfully...it just takes some perseverance. And I agree...certainly no reason to put a cat down. I'm bumping this up so others who have experience with this will see it.

And their companion, Jake, the dog.
Onyx, Callie May & Maggie forever in my heart.
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Default Re: ringworm

(I am posting this for Kitty's Mom, since she is not able to login.)

WowÖthatís quite the story! I have a 15 year old cat as well. She has a hyperthyroid and a non-cancerous liver cyst (size of a grapefruit). I recently fostered a mom and 5 kittens, all with ringworm. I kept them sequestered until the ringworm was completely cleared up.

Is it necessary to keep the kitten quarantined since he already exposed everyone (including my other cat and my boyfriends kids) to ringworm for a week? If I do need to keep him in the bathroom by himself, how long do I need to do this? Is there anywhere else you can quarantine him? The ringworm is in his hair and on his skin. If you let him walk around the place, heíll shed hair and skin flakes and ringworm all over. Best to clean the heck out of the entire place and then keep him contained until itís gone.

Can I reuse the "dip" for both cats (I wash one after the other). Is it a lime sulfur dip? Yes, you can reuse it on multiple cats. We bathed a mom and 5 kittens in the same batch. We used a rose sprayer and had one person hold the cat, and the other use the sprayer to apply it (without splashing it in the kittenís face).

Is there some kind of lotion I should be applying directly to his nose, feet and ears (there are some marks on them that is supposedly ringworm). You can apply an athleteís foot cream to the spots. Used alone, athleteís food cream MAY eventually get rid of the ringworm... Itís best to use more aggressive approaches. That said, we did dips and oral medication and lotrimin.

Should he also be on some kind of oral medication? Griseofulvin is the best oral medication for ringworm. Unfortunately, itís also pretty expensive. I think itís worth it though. Itís between $30 and $40 per bottle. Unfortunately I canít remember how many doses a bottle holds. We were dosing all 5 kittens and the momÖand we used approx. 6 or 7 bottles total. It should be given for at LEAST 4 weeks, more if you still see ringworm.

It is very hard to bath a cat and especially to get the cat to hold still for 10 minutes while the shampoo is on (which is what the instructions say to do). Do I need to leave the shampoo on for a full 10 minutes? Isn't there an easier way to do this? We didnít use the shampoo, just the dip. SoÖI donít have anything helpful to say about this one.

This thread had a lot of good information about ringworm: http://www.catforum.com/viewtopic.ph...hilit=Ringworm
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Default Re: ringworm

Thank you for all the advice. I appreciate it very much. It is hard having sick pets I have been trying to call the vet today to get the rest of the test results for my 15 year old and to talk to her about my kitten (who i think has a respiratory illness too----he keeps sneezing and is all stuffed up) but i haven't heard anything back. I am going to the store to buy some athletes foot cream so i can start rubbing that on his nose and ears as well as continuing the baths and dip. I am trying to get up the energy to give him his second bath tomorrow (the first bath i gave him was a HORRIBLE experience! but you do what you have to do). Right now i am keeping him in a bathroom and visiting him as often as i can (my hands are really dry from washing them so much!). I hate to keep him alone in there, but for at least 2-3 weeks it is just going to have to work. I read through the other thread of posts about ringworm and hope that other people stick it out when they find a kitty that is sick. I have a lot going on that makes this a VERY bad time to be trying to treat a cat with ringworm, but i don't think there ever is a "good" time. I didn't know what i was getting myself into when i found the kitten, but i still wouldn't give him up. Thanks again for the advice!
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Default Re: ringworm

Cute kitten!

It's definately worth it. It's sad how so many people are completely unwilling to deal with ringworm. They get rid of the pet by dropping it at a shelter, where it ends up PTS because the shelter doesn't have the resources needed to deal with it. Thank goodness he has you!

Let us know what you find out about your 15 yr old or if you have more ringworm questions!

Be sure that you don't get the athlete's foot cream in his eyes! I used a q-tip to apply it to their faces.
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Default Re: ringworm

First, I am very sorry to hear about your older cat's issues. I know all of that is hard to deal with as I have had experiences with an aging/sick cat myself. Second, your kitten is adorable!!! I got a kitten who was about 2 months old from the shelter who had ringworm on her nose. My vet prescribed tresaderm liquid two times a day (prescription I got at the vet) that I applied for about 3 weeks, if I remember correctly. I did keep her in the bathroom for awhile (she also had an upper respiratory infection, too)...but I let her out before the ringworm was completely gone, as my vet said it was a lot less contagious once it is being treated and that adult cats with normal immune systems would most likely not have a problem with it. I did not get it (I did wash my hands like crazy), and neither did the other 3 cats, one of which she played with nonstop. Also, she did get a spot above the previous spot that I treated for only about a week, as my vet said that her immune system would start kicking in since she was getting older, and that seemed to be exactly what happened. (I have a REALLY good vet.) So yes, definitely no reason to bring the kitty back to the shelter. Keep up the good work, it will be worth it! I am sorry you have to give the baths; that sounds miserable. Oh, they also cultered my kitty's spot and nothing grew, but it was such classic ringworm that we treated it as such anyways. It looked just like the pictures you see on the Internet. Good luck with both of your kitties.

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Default Re: ringworm

Honestly, ring worm is not as big of a deal as some make it out to be. When I got my kitten, Aiden, he came with ringworm as well. Of course, at first I freaked out too and posted all over these forums wondering what to do. My vet gave him three lime sulfur dips and the ring worm was gone. I never locked him up in a bathroom or secluded him to any part of the house. I did not even go as far as bleaching hard surfaces or vacuuming like crazy. I just continued my normal cleaning routine and washed my comforter, sheets, etc because that is where he likes to relax most often. Its been 7 months and he has never caught it again, I have a new kitten who has not caught it, and no humans in the house have seen it either. So, just relax!
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Default Re: ringworm

I just wanted to update everyone on the situation with my kitties and maybe provide some helpful advice to anyone else who is having similar problems. My cat who was recently diagnosed with kidney disease is doing much better. I will start another post about her and what I have been doing to help her soon. My kitten is also doing well. He still has ringworm spots (on his nose, feet and ears), but they are clearing up. I have been diligently bathing him 2x a week and bleaching the room he is in (yes it is a MAJOR pain in the neck, but he is worth it and it is important to aggressively treat the ringworm if you want it to go away permanently). I also apply lotion to his spots once a day. His cold is almost gone too. I was not able to get a vet to see him until a week or so after i found him. During this time i foolishly let him roam the house (he only had a few marks on his nose which i thought was just bite marks or scratches----turned out to be ringworm, oops). I think that is what caused me (and my boyfriend's son) to catch ringworm. Typically it is children (mainly boys) that catch ringworm. The ringworm I caught on my arms is FINALLY clearing up. I eventually gave in and went to the doctor and got medicine (I had over 25 spots!). I couldn't understand why i had gotten ringworm so bad (i am very careful to wash my hands etc... but i had a cold when the kitty arrived and have a lot of stress to contend with, and when your immune system is down, you are more susceptible to ringworm). Some tips I have picked up through research, the doctor and the pharmacist for if YOU catch ringworm: 1. Donít cover with band-aids. Although ringworm is very contagious, using bandages to cover it up can actually make it worse (keeps the moisture in). One of the main things you want to do to get the ringworm to clear up is dry it out (you can even use a hair dryer on the ringworm spots). 2. Do wear long sleeved shirts/pants. Ringworm is very contagious and so everything you can do to keep from spreading it to other members of your family or from re-infecting yourself is a good idea. 3. Do wash your sheets regularly and don't re-wear clothing while you are treating the ringworm. 4. Donít reuse towels (this is an easy way that you can spread ringworm). Use your towel once then wash before re-use. When drying off with your towel, dry any ringworm spots last. 5. Apply anti-fungal cream twice daily to the spots (once in the AM once in the PM). It is not necessary to go to the doctor unless the rash doesnít go away or gets much worse (note: the rash often does get worse when you first start treating it). You can apply over the counter athleteís foot cream, or yeast infection cream. I have had people (doctorís & pharmacists) recommend both. 6. Donít panic. Yes ringworm is super, super annoying, but it is also super, super treatable. Hope this helps someone else in a similar situation.
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Default Re: ringworm

I have successfully erraticated ring worm too.
I feel your pain. What a nightmare.

I have some home remedy tips that really helped in our house.
They were inexpensive too.
All 4 of my children, both my dogs and myself got ringworm too.

1) First step...I made a soapy scrub of Dial soap and Baking Soda.
it is really scrubby. I used a baby wipe and then tossed it away.

2) I went to a Farm Store and bought "Dr. Naylor Blue-Kote"
This product of for horses, treats ringworm and other fungus.
Safe for dogs....worked fine for the kids if you do not mind the blue spots.
I also used this on my children with a q-tip. It dies the skin blue.
So I only used it where it would be hidden. It is very inexpensive.

3) For the dogs it was the easiest...Blue-Kote is a mess but it ROCKS!
I also applied Blue-Kote to the cat after baths. (only pn the lesions)
I applied it in combination with A&D diaper ointment.
I have no idea what impulsed me to try it but it worked.

4) My pediatrician then prescribed us a tube of Ketronazole.
Stronger than over the counter stuff.
I applied this On Top of the Blue-Kote, A&D mix up. LOL

So we got it....it is done! Phew!
One thing the pediatrician reassured me of...
It is much easier for a child to get ringworm from the animal.
Human back to animal is not as scary as you read about.

Once the animals were cleared up....
We then sanitized everything and the kids bedding and bedrooms.
I did keep the kitten quaranteened during this time too.
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Default Re: ringworm

We had a kitten a few years ago that was found in a dumpster and was very tiny and had ringworm badly...

The doc gave us some meds to give the cat I believe twice a day, no special shampoo or anything like that to put on her...

My husband and I also got ringworm from her and cleared that up with store bought antifungal stuff...(thank goodness we didnt have our daughter at that time cause id been maaaaaaaad lol)

Maybe times have changed with what they use but it wasnt really hard to clear her up at all really
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