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cat tearing out his hair

Okay so I've taken my cat to the vet already for a $300 bill and no results! he is still tearing out the hair on his arms on the left side only. They did a skin scrape to check for fungus and mites and also fleas and did a black light test on his skin. We put him on a restricted diet of limited ingredient food (lamb and peas). AFTER all of that my poor cat is still pulling out his hairs. I call the vet and they say, that bring him back in and they will do another skin scrape and another diet and check for fleas again etc. I did not take him in again as I didn't have another $300 to give to them to receive zero results again.

I tried playing with him more and that seemed to work for awhile...then he went back pulling out his arm hairs again. (btw I looked at the skin and there doesn't seem to be any irritations) he is also an indoor cat all his life and only 2.5 yrs old. short haired american cat. I'm not sure what to do now. Wanted to know if anyone had the same experience.Is he just lonely, bored? he always lived with another cat until last year around this time when me and my ex split up and also split the cats up. several months later he started pulling out his fur. I'll post pictures up of his arm in a bit.

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Re: cat tearing out his hair

Oh he's adorable! I'm sorry that I've never heard of cats doing that. I Googled it and found that it could be caused by many different things including changes in environment. Try Googling it yourself and see what you can find. Perhaps you could also call some vets and get an opinion over the phone. Don't let anyone waste your money by rerunning the same tests. Explain that the tests showed no abnormalities and you believe that this habit is behavioral and not due to some skin condition.

Since this is probably due to the environment change of losing some house members, maybe you should make everything else as normal as possible, like his diet. If he had no problems with what you were feeding him before, I don't see a reason to change it. If he'll accept a bath, maybe try an oatmeal bath or some kind of shampoo to moisturize his skin. You can also get skin ointment to soothe his skin. If none of that works, you can rule out dry itchy skin.

You said his skin doesn't seem irritated, so I doubt that it's an allergic reaction. But just in case, try to brain storm any new chemicals you are using at home. Are you using any new lotions on your legs that he might be rubbing against?

Maybe he is lonely and he needs a new kitty companion. Be careful though, as this might make matters worse. You can offer to foster cats with some kind of animal aid or control center in your area, and see if he likes any of them before you adopt. That's if you can afford another pet. If you do decide to adopt another cat, he's more likely to get along with a female than another male. Just remember to spay and neuter!!!

I hope you find a solution for your very handsome kitty! What's his name, by the way?
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Re: cat tearing out his hair

I will look for a natural skin moisturizing shampoo at Mudbay. His name is Batman he is such a sweet little guy, makes me feel bad to see him chewing off his fur
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Re: cat tearing out his hair

his diet right now is RoyalCanin Indoor formula.
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Tom Cat
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Re: cat tearing out his hair

If you put him on a limited ingredient diet with no success then IMO its most likely him being stressed or bored. If its stress try to figure out what, if any, changes have been made to his environment or routine. For stressful situations I give my cats rescue remedy. It seems to help. But read up on it to see if its something for you. For boredom it means more play time. A dollar store laser pointer, most of the time very irresistible, is a very simple toy for getting your kitty to move. You can watch tv and zoom the dot all over the room and he should go nuts. If he is motivated by treats you can hide treats around the house so he has to hunt for them while your gone. Treats in egg cartons take a bit to get out. A lot of paw and eye coordination.

If there is a chance that its a food allergy then to help with the itchiness add some fish oil (try to get salmon oil if you can) to the food. Not sure how long you had him on a limited ingredient food but a food allergy, once the source is removed from the diet, can take many months to work out of their system.

Good luck
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Re: cat tearing out his hair

he is a very playful cat. they type that runs in circles around my tiny apartment knocking everything over and runs in circles around the tub chasing his tail.
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Jr. Cat
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Re: cat tearing out his hair

No matter what you do to preoccupy the kitty, he will find time to chew his fur! Skin scrapings can come out negative easily it cats, there may be only one or two mites that cause the problem and they dont show up. If your kitty shows up bald in many more spots then skin scrap again. Demodex is our own natural mites. When a pet is stressed the demodex can in some pets, over react. It can clear itself or may need lyme sulfur spray. It is not contageous to you. It is between cats, although my other two didnt get it when my third had it. If it were a food allergy, likely would be loosing fur around the head and neck and ears first. I would invest in a 6 month supply of advantage. You may be able to get singles from your vet and just do 3 months. Even one flea can cause a problem in some cats. Use it because it helps environmentally too in case there are eggs waiting to hatch in your home. Ask your vet about it. you can put a spray of humulac or gentocin on it to sooth it. Hope my thoughts help!
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