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New and in Need of Help

Hello, I am new here I was looking for some advice about our 4 yr old male cat who has been in the emergency vet since Monday morning. He began peeing blood. The vet said his urethra was blocked by struvite crystals. They want us to give him either purina or science diet urinary tract health cat food but I really dislike those foods because all they are is corn and by products. I tried asking the vet what was so special about those foods that makes them better for our cat and he couldn't answer me, he just said the food does what it's suposed to and he doesn't know why. I am looking for a healthy grain free food that would be good for his urinary tract. He has always eatten dry food (Blue Buffalo) but I don't care if it's dry or wet as long as it is a healthy food and will be good for his urinary tract.

I was also wondering, he never had a problem till we moved and the new place has well water that is acidic does anyone think that could that have caused the crystals? I am going to give him bottled water from now on just in case.

Thanks or any help.
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Nugget came home yesterday but he is not peeing or really drinking so he will have to go back tomorrow. Hopefully the normal vet will see him so we don't have to go to the emergency vet.
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"it just does what it's supposed to and i don't know why." yeah, that's an answer i loooove to hear.

my vet kind of told me the same thing but i ignored what he said and went straight to grain-free and that worked. i like him and everything, and the last thing i want to do is argue with my vet, but i really don't think they're the best nutritionists.

there are a lot of good grain-free foods, depending on how picky you are. tbh, any canned food is better for him than dry. i'd completely get him off dry. there are a million reasons why.

i honestly doubt that the water had much to do with it, but it can't hurt to give him bottled water.

cat food manufacturers came up with the idea that an excess of magnesium caused stones, so that's one remedy in dry food (to reduce it) but that isn't the problem at all. it's because cats don't drink enough and need the water in their food. so a dry food prescription diet is kind of silly. now they're seeing more oxalate stones but struvite is supposedly easier to treat.

go to and read what dr. pierson has to say about it. one of her own cats had serious urinary tract problems so she devoted a lot of time to finding answers.
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Originally Posted by Sage8662 View Post
He has always eatten dry food (Blue Buffalo) but I don't care if it's dry or wet as long as it is a healthy food and will be good for his urinary tract.
Hey, welcome to the forum. I'm sorry about your little one.

What you say there is very important. No dry food is healthy food for a cat. "Good for his urinary track", even worse: If he's having trouble already and you don't care if it's dry or wet, I strongly suggest you switch to canned. Then maybe in the future you can switch from canned to raw (or a mix of both). But for now, forget about those science prescription dry stuff, and feed your kitty canned food. has everything you need to know as cinder said

What did the vet do when you went there with your kitty? If he was peeing blood and now not peeing at all, he needs emergency treatment now. Usually they will sedate or anesthetize the cat and place a catheter into the urethra to flush out the crystals or force the stone into the bladder. Then, they'll give him fluids. This is quite urgent if a cat is not peeing, he must be in a lot of pain.

Good luck with everything!

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Tom Cat
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I agree with everyone (except the vet!) about the food--grain free, wet is the (only) way to go. Well, maybe raw, but that's another post/forum.
Also, Sage, how long ago did you move, and when did Nugget develop a UTI? Ritz has stress-induced UTIs, in her case, it was because too many strange men came to my condo for too long a period (repairmen, noisy). I am having major ac work done in my condo, and I put out extra Feliway and give her Rescue Remedy in her food. Works.
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I went through this with my cat Kodak about a year ago. We ended up using the prescription diet for a month or so. We tried to transition him to a wet/raw diet but he simply refused to eat the wet and raw, and started loosing weight. FINALLY I found a happy medium. I put him on Blue Wilderness grain free for breakfast and midnight snack, but he gets Weruva wet (it's the only stuff he'll eat) during the day for lunch and dinner. During treatment for the crystals we were sent home with fluids to give him subcutaneously and a medication that helped his urethra relax so he would pass urine easily. (he was never fully blocked) We also ended up getting him a porcelain cat fountain to entice him to drink more (which he does now) Outside of that, we monitor him closely and always watch for frequent litter box use or discomfort.

The only food I found that was prescription for urinary tract health that was even marginally good was Royal Canin, and even then, not grain free. (We have another with a grain allergy)

Wet food though, is always the best option, I WISH I could get him to eat it every meal. We even figured he would eventually get hungry and eat it, but when he started loosing weight, it got me scared. (he's a slender cat to begin with) Good luck! If your cat likes wet food, get him eating that.

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I just wanted to update this, unfortunately we had to put Nugget to sleep. He blocked again and we were completely out of money, we had to take out a credit for the first visit since it was an emergency vet the price was outragous. They refused to doing any payment plan even though we had good credit and have always paid our bills including vet bills on time. We were heartbroken and I feel the vets were partially to blame. They did not properly inform us and they sent him home twice while he was still unable to pee on his own and they messed his catheter and he ripped it out once and they got it got stuck the next time and they had to force it out so I don't believe he was fully unblocked when they sent him home the third time. We didn't want him to suffer anymore since we couldn't afford the bill so we choose to have him put to sleep which they didn't charge us for, which also angered me. They would put him to sleep for free but would give us a break and let us do a payment plan to keep him alive and of course it was a weekend and they are the only emergency vet.

The good that came from this is that I decided once I am done with my biology degree I am going to go to school for Pet and Equine Nutriton and we are in the process of switching our other cats to a better diet then dry food.
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So sorry for your loss of Nugget. I gasped reading the last post. My thoughts are with you.
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How awful for you and him - someone like that doesn't deserve to be practising as a vet.
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