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Is 3 foods enough?

I've been feeding the kitten 3 varieties of Wellness CORE and 3 varieties of Merrick BG.

CORE is expensive. BG isn't as expensive and I can get a good deal on it online right now. 72 5.5oz cans for about $85/shipped. I would like to try EVO 95% but I can't find it locally and I'm not buying a case without knowing if she'll eat it. I tried Nature's Variety Instinct recently and she did not like it. I had to slowly use up the 2 cans I bought by adding it in her other food.

There is also the question of whether or not she's going to be getting enough calories. BG Chicken is about 153 calories per 5.5oz can. I give her about a can a day. She's 10 weeks old tomorrow. She'll be with me for at least another 7 weeks. Is 1 5.5oz can per day enough? Is 3 flavors enough to prevent her from getting picky?

I know that dry food isn't ideal and I certainly don't want to get her addicted to it. If 1 can of BG isn't enough, I may have to supplement it with some kibble. My own cat gets a high protein kibble so I have it readily available.

I feel so conflicted about what to feed her. I can't keep her. I'm only keeping her until she's ready to be adopted. I'm feeding her fairly good food. What if the people that adopt her feed her crap? Will she be able to handle the change?

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Ya, I don't suggest buying a case of any food before they have even tried. I bought 2 cans of EVO 95% thinking if ET eats, then I have another can available, but ET ate a mouthful the 1st time, then refused to eat thereafter, no matter how I mixed it in with his regular food and his favourite kibbles. I like EVO 95% cos there isn't any added vegetable, but even if we like to give our kitties the best, but if they choose not to eat, there is really nothing we can do.

I'm not an expert in kitty matters, but just like to share our fish keeping experience. We used to buy our discuses from a breeder, but after bringing home, these discuses simply refused to eat and they would rather starve to death then eat what we offered. Initially we thought we had bought a sick fish, buy again, same thing happened, then we started asking what the breeder feed, only to realise breeder feed ONLY beef heart and nothing else while we were feeding only tetra bits. From what we hear from friends, their discuses will not eat anything other than beef heart cos, where they come from, the breeders feed solely beef heart.

After we started breeding, we feed bits/flake/beef heart right from the start. Friends who got the fishes from us, feedback that our fishes eats just about anything, easy to keep. I suppose fishes and cats' diet are different and cats are known to be more finicky, but if you start off with ONLY good food, the new owner who may not necessarily be able to afford, may have problem or they rather choose not to adopt this kitty. I know of a fosterer who feeds her kitties ONLY Origen, I really do feel sorry for the new owner/kitties, either they stick to that premium food or they forego adopting that kitty, cos not everyone can afford Origen and its hard switching food.

Just a thought, why not switch between mid-range and premium food, more of the mid-range, so new owner can decide which is more comfortable for their pocket.

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Just to add, I don't know exactly how to raise a non-finicky kitty, but I always believe in giving variety, whether its fish keeping or cat keeping. I know many advocate wet or raw only food, but I'm sure there will be occasions where kibbles will come in handy especially when owners will have to be away for a short weekend without helper coming in. Since kitty is gonna be adopted, your holiday arrangement may not necessarily match new owner's, so you might have to take that into consideration? Or, you set your standards on food, holiday arrangement and if potential adopter cannot match, you reject? These are just some of my thoughts, decide to do what you deem fit.
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Cool Cat
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I think 3 varieties is a good number. Remember, many kitties in the world survive (though maybe not "thrive") on one food for their whole lives.

Rotating protein "types" is a good thing (e.g., chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, etc.) on both raw AND canned diets. This will help kitty get used to the different tastes of different types of proteins and hopefully will prevent her from getting picky. I'd advise against any fish flavors, as these seem to be a leading cause of feline picky-ness ;}

If you can't find EVO in your area, you can look for Ziwipeak. It's an excellent brand that I've used; you can see if it's available in your area. Weruva is a good brand too, but it's drastically lower in calories than most other brands, so you'd have to feed a higher volume of it.

From what I've heard about kittens, there's no hard and fast rule about how much food (or how many calories) they "should" get per day. Since they're super-active and growing constantly, I've heard you should feed them... a LOT. Offer food as often as they want it, and as much as they want. Kittens can eat up to four times as much as an adult cat.

Any cat can learn to survive (but again, not thrive) on kibble, so even if your kitten's new family switches her to kibble, she'll live and eventually adjust. However, in my opinion, I'd start getting together an "info packet" now... maybe type up a page that shows the dangers and bad effects of an all-kibble diet (such as dehydration, possible kidney effects, possible contamination and bacterial growth) and the benefits of grain-free canned foods. Present any potential adopters with this info. Tell them the brands of food you've fed her, and advise them to keep her on those brands. Give them a can or two when they adopt her. If they truly love animals and want the best life for their new kitten, they will listen.

Good luck!

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Cool Cat
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The adoption contract requires a grain-free canned diet but who knows whether or not they'll follow that.

I'm avoiding Weruva because it's so low calorie. I ended up ordering 2 cases of regular Wellness that's grain-free. I got the chicken and turkey flavors. That should keep her happy for a while.

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