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My Cat is dying..kidney disease..SHE WONT EAT

I have a 10 yr old tabby who has never gotten a shot in her life. Only time she has been to the vet was once for a broken leg and once because she started peeing on everything. My wife is pregnant and wanted to take the cat to the vet and make sure she caught up on all her shots as to not harm the baby. So I take cat to vet. He says she looks great and gives her annual vaccination and booster shots (rabies, fvrcp, leukemia). Now a month and a half later, all of a sudden (overnight) my cat WILL NOT EAT and is very lethargic and weak. Bring her back to vet, he says shes running fever and dehydrated and losing weight. He does bloodwork on her and says her creatine levels are elevated and thinks she has kidney disease. So he gave her sub Q fluids and antiobiotics and something to reduce fever. Tells us to try KD food and see what happens. Now the cat is home and she still WILL NOT EAT but she will drink water. My question is... Did that **** annual booster shot cause the kidney failure?? Also any tips on how to get her to eat?? My wife and I are sad to see her in this state and don't know what to do. We tried wet can food, canned tuna, dry food, KD food. She will not eat.....Thanks for help.
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Hi mbecke2 and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear your tabby going through this. I haven't heard of the annual booster causing that but I guess anything is possible. Do you have any deli meat you could try giving her? I would probably take her back to the vet. If she's not eating, she going to get weak.

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holistic/ alternative vet care (including speaking to them over the phone)
raw frozen food (possibly warmed enough to inspire her to eat)

Best wishes,

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Try raw meat at room temp (or close). Cats get bored with their food fast, and raw meat is an easy mix up for them. Most cats love liver (although mix it with other stuff, I have heard too much can cause huge amounts of vitamin A build up which is bad). My cat also adores turkey.

Sorry to hear about the trouble. From what I have read, the verdict is still out about some vaccines and old cats in particular-some vets say they are find, some recommend against extraneous ones (like if they are indoor only and alone, rabies and leukemia are less of a concern). If she's never had shots, she may have reacted to them badly at her age.
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Cat has kidney disease. HELP!!

My cat became very lethargic and would not eat for 3 days so we brought her to vet. Vet took her temp and it was high so he suggested bloodwork. Hour later calls and says cat has kidney disease that her creatine levels were slightly high. He gave her fluids and antiobiotic shot. Sent me home with more antibiotics and science diet k/d food and said hopefully she will get better and eat. Now it is 3 days later and she showed no signs of improvement besides her temp went down. I brought her back to vet today and he gave her a shot of vitamin B12 and a steroid and gave me a bag of fluid and some syringes and needlles to keep her hydrated. She still won't eat and just sits around all day. I have tried syringe feeding her liquid diet but its messy and she hates it. Vet says continue with fluids and if she doesn't get better we will have to make a decision (we don't want her to suffer). Anyway she is a short hair tabby and we are not sure of her age but think shes about 10-14 yrs old. I have owned her for 8 yrs and she is an AWESOME cat and loves me and my wife. I hate to see her like this. BUt the fact is SHE WILL NOT EAT!! I tried everything under the sun. I'm still baffled how she was perfectly fine one day, then the next she crashed. My question is when is enough enough. When do we throw in the towel? Is she suffering? Because she still purrs when we pet her and doesn't seem like she's in pain at all. Will she make it through this?? How much fluid should I give her and how often? Vet says 200mL at a time, which sounds like too much. I have already given her 100mL today and she still won't eat. Its kinda driving me crazy and I can't stop thinking about her. I want to find a solution. Thanks for any advice.
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Have you tried an appetite stimulant? ( you get this from the vet ). Those really work or at least have for me. My cats were ravenous two hours after taking part of a pill.
Also, look into nutria-cal. It comes in a tube and its loaded with calories and vitamins. It's suppose to help with cats that aren't getting nourishment from food because of lak of eating, or being too thin. Look it up on line. Mine were'nt crazy about the taste but would tolerate it in their wet food. Other companies sell high calorie boosters that come in tubes. I just tried the one from petsmart and they'll eat that one right off my finger.
Have you tried fancy feast wet? Cats love the taste and it might start the eating process again. If you get a big medicine syringe with a decent size opening you can get pate food into it that's a little watered down and feed that several times a day. The point is to get her eating. If they go too long without eating then I've heard that in some cases they stop eating all together.
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I have always kept this link on hand, just in case. I have never made it or given it to my cats. My own vet had reservations about this recipe as it is high in fat.
FDMB - The Feline Diabetes Message Board • View topic - THE '~LIVER SHAKE~' FOR SICK CATS
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When my cat got an URI, she became anorexic. She also became anorexic from the stress of being at the vets. Each time I fretted over her for hours trying to tempt her to eat. I finally was forced to syringe feeding her and then I hand fed her her favorite flaked food (easier to feed). When a cat loses their appetite, sometimes it's hard for hunger symptoms to trigger any longer. By feeding them at least some amount of food, it can sometime trigger their appetite and they'll start eating again.

I would definitely talk to the vet about getting an appetite stimulant and buy a good quality pate food that is very high in calorie (no, their science diet canned that some vets want you to buy to use for syringe feeding isn't necessarily higher in calorie than many you can buy at your petstore. Look at a good quality kitten food as it is normally higher in calorie). Your cat needs fluid and food. Fluids can also make your cat feel much better, which might in turn increase their appetite.

Try anything and everything that you think your cat might like ... tuna juice over their favorite canned food, chicken, baby food (meat only, no garlic). You might also try a Feliway plug in as being sick can be stressful to a cat.

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I would get copies of the blood results and see a different vet asap. The cat can't go 3 days without eatting. Also go to It's tells you everything about crf. Most cats hate crf food but the most important thing is she has to eat. Give wet food and keep up the fluids and try an appetite stimulant that you get from the vet. Also cats with crf get very nausous so you need to give 1/4 of a pill from a 10 mg tablet of Pepcid AC (or generic) not Pepcid Complete 2 times a day

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My cat has kidney disease. We hv been pumping her with saline everyday. If we don't pump her she will stop eating. She is eating fine now but a new problem crops up. So in your case, u have to pump her with saline water else she will continue to b lethargic. Send her back to the vet to do it if u can't do it yourself ?

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