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Corn isn't really filling though. Humans don't digest corn, it goes out the way it came in. So I assume that's true for cats too. Good for fiber but not good when it comes to curbing hunger. Keep in mind, this is my opinion, I'm not an expert on cat nutrition so maybe someone else has a better answer.
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Feed your kitties the best dry food you can afford. Grain free, natural, organic if you can. I feed mine Avoderm and just recently found an organic food by Casto and Pollux at the local co-op (it was on clearance) and my cats absolutely love it. I also feed them wet food. The thing about the grain free is that grains are usually fillers, so there is not as much meat (protein). Since cats are carnivores their energy comes from the meat not grains. Whatever you do end up feeding them please make sure is the best quality that you can afford. They will be healthier in the end.
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Thanks and more info

Thanks for all the replies. I am giving them the cat chow because that is what they were eating in their prior home and it was recommended that I stick with that food at first until they adjust to their new home with us. I know it is now a quality food but I started added wet food and one of the cats started getting a bit of blood in her stool. I do not know that it is from the wet food but the woman from the rescue where we got the cats thought it was the food because the foster home they were in that cat had trouble with loose stools from wet food and was put on only dry. I stopped the wet food and after about a week I stopped seeing the blood. Everything was all clear for a few days and then 2 days ago I noticed some little pink/red spots dried on the top of the toilet (cats favorite morning hang out) so I started checking her stool again and 2 days now I have found a tiny bit of blood. Now this may have been going on before I switched the food. The amount of blood is so little I would have never noticed if she hadn't gotten some on a blanket initially. So if it is an irritated colon (suggested by woman we got them from) from food it could possibly be from the cat chow and have been going on and just not noticed, maybe? I want to switch them to a different food. I would like to get them on wet food as well.

Any suggestions/tips on switching to a new food? How slow should the transition be? I have hear you should just add a small amount of the new food to the old and slowly increase the amount of new food. I just wonder how much and exactly how slowly.

Thanks for all the info everyone
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one more ?

I have looked at the food selection at 2 of our local pet stores (petco and petsmart) and all of the dry food whether it is the cat chow or a grain free brand the protein % is about the same 36-38%. I only found 1 food at petco that was 50%. We have a few more pet stores I can check but should the dry food be higher in protein than 38%?
Or is it the quality of the protein? Chicken vs chicken by-products?
And none of them give a % for carbohydrates.
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Originally Posted by carrieann0413 View Post

Any suggestions/tips on switching to a new food? How slow should the transition be? I have hear you should just add a small amount of the new food to the old and slowly increase the amount of new food. I just wonder how much and exactly how slowly.
It really depends on your cats. some cats eat new food form the very beginning, other are very picky and with these the only way to go is very slowly.

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Just to add a word about kibbles. All along ET was on grain-free kibbles, Acana, Addiction, Evo, Taste of the Wild and these are making him gain weight. He went from 5.1kg to 6.3kg and its not like he is getting free serving of kibbles, its all measured and because he is a small eater, so he gets small portion.

Now that I switched him to approx 90% wet and 10% kibbles (approx 2tbs or less daily), within 2months+, I just weighed him this morning, he is at 5.7kg.

p.s. I learned to weigh him in this forum,so it has helped me alot in tracking his weight.

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Originally Posted by scottd View Post
Purina Cat Chow is literally one of the worst foods, ever. The ingredients are below.

There is NOTHING good about this food.
At least its first ingredient used to be some kind of meat
source. That puts it ahead of most of the other cheap
(i.e., easily affordable) dry foods, but I will admit not by

Has anyone seen an analysis of the Kirkland's (Costco)
dry cat food? I hate the shape, but it seems to satisfy
better than Purina, so I wondered.

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Wether the first ingredient is byproducts, corn, or whatever else bad they are all on the same level of HORRIBLE... Just saying....

As far as Kirklands.. Im not familiar with it but it contains a lot of rice so its obviously not a grain free food... I personally wouldnt feed it...

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Dry food is fine to feed but I would recommend a grain free one. A few good brands are blue buffalo, wellness core, Origen(what I, switching mine to),Acana, natures variety instinct, Merrill's before grain. To transition you need to slowly add the new food everyday for a week or to so they don't get digestive problems.

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I will agree that raw is best and canned is next, however if you understand the dymanics behind how your cat eats and how its system works and you decide to feed dry that is your business. To NOT answer a person's questions and bombard them with a mass of information shoved down their throats(as someone else put it) you risk them just giving up and feeding the same crap they always have.

Providing them with an alternative in between extremes is important, imo.

I would second the opinion of finding the best quality grain free that you can afford. It will increase your cat's lifespan and reduce the chance of health issues down the line.

Best of luck with your sweet companions.
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