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It is strong - especially if a tom is involved!! We used to have one spraying on our doorstep some years ago (we didn't have un-neutered females so I don't know why he found us so irresistible) and it was hard going keeping the smell away. I always keep Urine Off in the house just in case it happens again!!
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I'm using something called ByeBye Odor that seems to
be doing a good job. I had an ex-tom who never got
the message and sprayed quite a bit. He's been gone
for a year, and I'm still finding spots, like behind the
laundry equipment. He apparently stood on the washing
machine and sprayed the hose connections so that it
ran down the wall and soaked into the paneling. *sigh*

Anyway, this stuff seems to be making a difference

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We get that in the Summer; the toms see our females from the window, come and try to court them. They will either parade in front of the window for them or visit a few times and just watch them from afar. Then, they tend to spray the entrance to the house. We don't have unspayed females, either, but they still mark the outside of the house. I'll keep those products in mind when the time comes.


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On the flip side, spend 10 minutes in a place that smells like cat pee and you won't really notice it. The cat must have peed on their clothing for it to smell that bad, for all you know it's a one time thing, I feel sorry for them. They probably didn't notice until out of the house.

I'd also like to say that cats peeing outside of the litter box are a lot more complicated than the owner simply being irresponsible for whatever reason. It could have started out with getting a second cat (not hoarding) or a UTI that was treated but the behavior persists, or the cat having come from the outdoors/semi-feral, or really, any number of unexplainable scenarios (sometimes a cat just does this and you can't really ever pin point a cause) that lead up to this behavior... and it sounds like they're dealing with it, which gets points from me, since a lot of people would just ditch the cat ASAP.

Along with the dogs Tara and Coco.

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Originally Posted by Zilla View Post
Another thing I do not understand is how can they not smell the cat pee on them??? Or on anything! I feel like I can smell that stuff a mile a away and once I smell it I can't get it out of my nose....
When a person lives with it, they get used to the smell. I am having a problem with one or both of my kits peeing on stuff. One of them peed on one my favorite dresses, our fake tree skirt, the beds, basically everything. I didn't realize until last night how much they have peed on. I am not sure which of the two is doing it, but the kitten is getting ready to get fixed, so we will have her checked out to see if there is anything wrong. I clean both boxes out at least once a day, usually more.

I am going tonight to get a black light and cleaner and I will be buying a third litter box. I cannot stand the smell of pee and I have to smell everything before I wear it.


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Have your cats been to the vet lately to make sure there is no medical reason for this? Since you don't know which one is doing it, you need to address the problem with both cats. Once you know nothing is medically wrong, I would then examine my setup; how many boxes do you currently have? Where are the litterboxes located? Is one cat maybe bullying the other and denying access to the choice litterbox? Is one box favored over another? stuff like that.

The last time we had a problem with a cat going outside the box, it was Sasha, our tom. He started first going in the tub and then on the rug in the hallway. Long story short, after the vet ran the urinalysis and found that there were no problems there, it turned out Sasha just wanted his own box. He is very territorial. We haven't had that problem in over a year, but we had to add another littebox so now each cat has one they prefer. The thing is to catch it early enough and intervene before it becomes a bad habit. If allowed to go on too long, it's almost impossible to reverse the behavior.


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We are always super worried about how our one bedroom apartment smells. With two cats in such a small area it would be easy for it to get out of hand really quickly! I try to sift the box at least once a day, and completely dump it out and scrape it once a week. Also frequently burn candles, and keep air fresheners by the box! Haven't gotten any complaints yet
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Nobody knows the situation at this person's home in order to make a judgement on how they live. Yes they may have smelled bad,but there are many possible reasons. We used to have a female cat who sprayed everything, and it took YEARS for us to fix the problem. She sprayed the inside of one of my favorite leather purses and it was impossible to take the smell out. I had to throw the purse away. Yes,this family could have a bunch of cats, or just have one that has litterbox issues.
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I am not sure why you think there was a judgment made. I never claimed to actually know what was happening with these people except for the fact that their home must smell strongly of cat urine since they were carrying it around with them. I then mentioned several scenarios of the most common causes for this to happen. That is not a judgment, but an observation followed by exploration of possible scenarios based on the fact that they emanated the smell of cat urine. That is called inductive reasoning. An example of a judgment would have been "They reek of cat urine because they are horrible people with dozens of neglected animals". That would be a statement made on pure 'feeling' based on only the poster's experience as was the case with your accusation, but I do appreciate your input. We can only expand our own minds when we can evaluate other people's thoughts as well as our own.


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this has brought up a interesting subject cause its also related to the smell of the cat litter fragrance. I have found its gets all over the place. We vacuum and keep things clean but the small of the "dust" is terrible. We have tried a few different litters (unscented of course) but you can still smell it on things. We even have a air cleaner by the cat box to reduce that. I've noticed I can smell it on people as well so I know were not the only ones who have the issue.
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