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My cats hate Evo, Wellness and Weruva

We recently switched our cats over from Purina Pro Plan to the above listed three. It has been two months and they absolutely hate all three. They won't touch it, occasionally eating a bit before walking away. We bought it in bulk (I know, dumb idea) and now we don't know what to do. We want them to eat this healthy variety of food, but what if they just like Purina. Don't know what to do about it, and no matter what we do, whether it heat up their dry food, mix it with left over chicken, they just won't budge. Anyone experience the same problem with these brands. Weruva BFF is the one they will most likely eat, but EVO and Wellness they won't touch.

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Are these all dry foods or wet? (The only Wellness I know of is Wellness Core wet food.) I bought in bulk, too, the first time my girls liked a "good" food. Ugh.

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Your choices for good foods are not limited to these 3 brands. There are many others you can try that are better quality than Pro Plan. I suggest going to a good pet food store and picking up a variety of brands, flavors and textures in 3 oz cans to test (1 of each) and keep track of what they think.

If I recall correctly Pro Plan has a lot of small chunky type foods...the Wellness Minced varieties are very similar in texture. You might want to try them.

I'd also suggest smearing some of the food they like over the top of the new food as a trick to get them eating it. Over time, reduce the amount of the old food until you're not using it anymore.

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All of mine turn up their noses at the higher quality/priced stuff too. Maybe because I adopted them from shelters and they are old they are set in their ways. Winnie was 15 and at Animal Control for 2 months. They use Pro Plan so I bought a big bag. She was all skin and bones so I thought that was normal, turns out she hated the stuff and scarfed down the Fancy Feast I bought instead. None of the other 5 like the Pro Plan, Wellness or any of the higher priced stuff. Fancy Feast and Purina One are staples here - plus my homemade ground up roasted turkey.
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are those foods dry or wet?

and to answer your question:
some cats really hate changes in diet and just will not eat anything new, especially if they ate junk kitty food, like purina pro plan.

My cats are like that - all their lives until I adopted them they used to eat junk dry and wet food. I am in the process of transitioning them to good quality wet, and have very similar experience to yours. one of my cats would rather starve to death than eat new food, other will eat eventually but only little, just enough to survive.
so you need to be sneaky. I started with establishing regular feeding schedule, no free feeding. when they got used to schedule I started mixing just a tiny amount of new wet food to normal portion of their old wet. it was no more like 10% of new and 90% old. Also, I made sure that I do not give them too much, so they are actually hungry when it's time for meal. if they were not hungry, they would not touch the food.
so I fed them like that for about two weeks - just 90% of old wet food plus 10% of new wet. now they pretty much accept it like that so next week i am going to try 20% new with 80% old and keep it like that again for a week or two. then will take another step.
I know, it's seems slow, but sometimes it's the only way and really it doesn't matter it goes slowly. important part is that you actually are doing some progress. it may take few months but I hope it will pay off.

also, if my cats turn their noses up to food, i sprinkle a little of their favorite snack that I crushed into almost powder. they usually eat up then.

good luck and dont give up. just be patient!

BTW there is a great source of information about feline nutrition and very good article about transitioning dry food addicted cats to wet food. it's dr Lisa Pierson's website. have a look!

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I would hold on to those foods and try them at a later date. Cats are funny and can sometimes decide to 'do us the favor' by eating a food that they once wouldn't before.
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After eating it once, my girls wouldn't touch Wellness Core when I bought a CASE of it. They stopped liking Cowboy Cookout and Grammy's Pot Pie, too. Now they'll eat anything I put in front of them. And some things I don't......

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I recently transitioned Zooey to wet food due to CKD. He refused to even taste most canned foods, and I can't blame him as most smell pretty bad. However, he likes EVO 95% Chicken & Turkey (not to be confused with the regular EVO which has grain and carbs). A bonus for the CKD cat, it is moderate in phosphorous.

However, his new favorite food is Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Chicken. For a raw food, it is pretty easy to deal with. It comes in several packaging formats, but the bag of one-once medallions is pretty convenient. You just let them thaw overnight (or 4 or 5 hours) in the fridge and clean up any uneaten quantity after the cat eats. This food is also on the moderate side for phosphorous.

Good luck!
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I tried for 3 months to get my cats to eat high quality wet food and bought pretty much every brand out there. While one of them will eat a little of certain foods (Weruva, Wellness Core, Blue Wilderness) when she gets hungry enough, the other one will just starve herself - as in refuse food for 24 hours. If I try to mix a little of the good stuff into her Fancy Feast (SUCH a mistake that I bought it in the first place, but I was desperate to get her to eat something), she sniffs it out and walks away. She's absolutely impossible, so I've given up. I hope you have better luck.
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I have now adopted the "mixing in" approach. I use half Evo and half Purina, and my cats will go ahead and eat it. They tend to eat Weruva (can't blame them, it looks pretty good), but the Evo and Wellness even look bland to me. I have come to terms with the fact that I will have to mix it in until this batch finishes. I am an idiot for buying bulk, but I know that this food is the healthier alternative, so they should at least get half of the nutritional value. What we do for our cats...
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