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when is it time to put a cat to sleep

i have a problem. i've cried a river and still don't know what to do. i have a 15 year old male siamese mix cat. long story short through the years he had left poop nuggets around the house we just thought it was out of nastiness. but took him to vet to have him checked out. bloodwork showed all organs working fine, the problem is with his bowels. he had to be put to sleep to have his bowels manually cleaned out he was very constipated and had a bag of fluids administered he was dehydrated. he only weighs 7 pound. he has always been thin but looks like a bag of fur. he was put on lactulose to help digestion and passing poop, not much help. i searched all over the place for answers and now give him canned pumpkin in his food. it has helped a little. he still lets out a sound like you would hear if cats were going to fight, it like a long whine when he is straining to pass poop, and he has thrown up same time but not always.
he has had accidents, both urination and clear vomit around the house. he wants to eat all the time and i feed him every couple hours but he never gains weight and is very bony in the rear quarters. he has started to walk with his back end lower to the ground. i don't think he is in pain, can touch him everywhere, except when he is trying to pass poop. he still purrs and looks so content when he sleeps so how do i know if his quality of life has gone down???? the vet says i'll know when its time but i don't and all i do now is cry alot and think if/when i should put him to sleep. i have cleaned up so much poop and vomit through the years i'm really tired. PLEASE HELP!!!
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This is going to be weird in the extreme but really open your mind to him and use, really use, your instinctive bond and you will know. Bless you - this is a horrible time for you.
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This is terribly sad. Yes, when you cannot stand to see him suffer - or when the issues get too much for you to deal with you will know the time has come.
Our 16 year old Sam was so sick with vomiting, diarrhea, etc., but the blood work was fine. We tried everything, but it was clear he was fading fast. He did the same thing, purred, cuddled and let me hold him like a baby over my shoulder - sniff - but I knew he was fading. After two months it became intolerable and I knew it was inevitable. He was losing control of his bowels everywhere - it was just too much. After stepping in it over and over I knew it was time. It was either keep him locked up in a small room or corner or let him go with dignity. He deserved no less. You will know and it won't be easy. Bottom line, don't let him suffer or be shut away in a room.
Best wishes. Most of us have been there and understand your grief.

Cat owners' prayer: "Lord help me be the person my cat thinks I am"
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I am sorry you have to go through this. Whenever you do it, it will be out of love for him. I am sure he knows he is loved, and I believe that we will see our pets again in Heaven.
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I believe all animals tell us when they are ready to go,it's just up to us to listen.
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I agree with a few of the above. If you open your heart & mind....really open them and listen you will know what to do. Such a difficult time, I have been there too, 2011 was not a good year for us and pets so I understand. Good luck to you and your little one.
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Recently had to put my Siamese down. She had an intestinal tumor. Even though I knew it was inevitable, it was so hard to decide "when." I finally realized that I was prolonging the inevitable because I didn't want to go through that pain. That's when I knew I was being selfish. I knew she was hurting but she also had good days between. It is so hard to decide the right time. Hardest thing I have ever done.
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Please seek out any info before you make a final decision. How much lactulose are you giving and how many times a day. Geets has constipation from CRf so i give the same thing. I take it for me also. I give him 1 ml two times a day in wet Food. What do you feed him. Dry food is not good for cats because it is dry and lacks animal protein from meat. Did the vet say anything about a special food? What exactly did the vet say about his bowels? I'd also say he needs more fiber in his food.

Get a copy of the blookwork and post it at this forum so we can look at it. PM with the bloodwork also so i'll know to look at your message. He could have kidney disese, thyroid disease, etc or it could be just his colon.


Razzle and Geets-they left paw prints on my heart. Love you, love you always.
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Even if you second guess yourself as I do, the vet can help you make that decision. I've been going to the same vet for almost 20 years and I have asked them on many occasions to PLEASE always tell me the truth, even if it's heartbreaking, expensive or not an option. I am always afraid that I am premature with the decision to euthanize and I always want to know any and all options.

I agonized after I put Winnie down last week and called them two days later. She assured me that we did the right thing - that Winnie was SO sick should be require hospitalization, IVs and no guarantee that she would recover. I just could not put an old cat - especially timid as she was in a hospital for her last days. She died with dignity. She was old and got sick and it was just her time. I hope all the advice and consoling you have gotten in this thread helps. I really do.

Cat owners' prayer: "Lord help me be the person my cat thinks I am"
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Wow, what a tough decision to make. I agree that the time is "right" (ugh) when the cat is suffering and the quality if life is poor. I'D want to be euthanized if it was me!

I've always wanted a dog and about 15 years ago my parents finally agreed and allowed me to get a puppy. He was a Doberman puppy of about 8 weeks old when I got him. After about a week I noticed his front paws were crooked and I took him to a vet who took a xray and determined that his front legs had stopped growing, although his rear legs were fine. He would've required miltiple surgeries over his life to keep the front legs tall enough to match the rear legs. A week later I came home and he didn't greet me and he was very listless. My mom took him to the vet who said he had Parvo and was extremely dehydrated. He said he could give him IV and get him over his Parvo, but there would still always be the other defect. ultimately I decided to euthanize him. Well, I was too chicken to make the decision, I left it to my mom. I felt that his life wouldn't be a happy life with all the surgeries and the malformed legs and that's not how a majestic and regal animal deserves to live. So he was put to sleep. It was unbelievable sad and disheartening, and I wasn't able to get another dog because I couldn't go through losing another dog. However, I feel I did what was best for the dog and that's ultimately the decision that needs to be made.

Good luck with your decision. Think about your babies quality of life and than decide.

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