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Lumpy the cat at 16lbs...


I'm new to this forum, so excuse me if this is in the wrong place, but I think it's right. Lumpy is a big cat, at 14lbs he looked incredible, these days and for quite a while now he hangs around 15.8. He's in the apartment with me, which isn't huge...not a lot of running around. He is fixed, and about 8 years of age. The vet told me about royal canin but once I got it realized it wasn't grain free and didn't help him other than stop begging, he didn't lose an ounce in weeks so I've given up on that. I'm using Blue Wilderness dry and letting him try Blue wet also now. I usually do a can of wet in morning, about 1/4 cup dry at night. What should I be doing and how much? Other suggestions? Comments? Thanks!
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Are the foods your feeding, both Royal Canin and Blue, weight management formulas? senior formulas? How big is the can you feed in the morning?
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Our vet was pretty dismayed when we took Jack in for his routine visit. He tipped the scales at 20.6 lbs! He IS big boned but I will admit he is a tad tubby. He will not eat wet food so I replaced his favorite dry food (loaded with grains and carbs) with EVO and Orijin. He seems to love the EVO kibble so I'm hoping that will help him lose some weight without feeling deprived. It will be easier when the cold spell breaks and he can go out on to the porch and bird, squirrel, duck, goose watch instead of sitting inside being bored around here.

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I'm trying to get rid of the Royal Canin as it does not say "grain free" and the vet tried to convince me that grains are in the entrails of anything a cat hunts, because those animals eat grains...don't know if that argument is quite right and also if there would be so much grain in such an animal. The wet food cans are 3 ounce, I was using Fancy Feast but now knowing again it's inferior, I've been seeing if Lumpy likes Blue Wilderness wet. So, I'm basically giving him a 3oz Blue wet in the morning, and about 1/4-1/2 cup Blue Wilderness Indoor in the evening. The Royal Canin was weight management for older cats that have been fixed. The other thing I keep reading about and hearing about from friends (and also just mentioned) is the EVO food. I see they offer a wet and a dry. I was thinking about switching to that because I've found it online for a pretty decent price, and more importantly, it seems to be a quality food. I can say that Lumpy has hung around 15.8 for the better part of a year. Personally, I'd like him to lose 1lb because as said before, he looked amazing at that. Not all cats are equal in size, IMO, just like humans. I'm 5'7" for example and look great at 140, I've seen some people at my height that weigh 160 and look fine. I feel it's dependent on the cat, Lumpy is quite muscular. I could be wrong, but then again that's why I'm here discussing and asking questions.

Image of him about 2 years ago, here he's about 15.8. He got down to 14.8 during the move.

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I love big kitties! We took Murphy to the vet on Saturday and he had actually lost a pound (down from 17.4 to 16.1 pounds), so everyone was pleased.

I still let him free-fed on dry in addition to his wet, but we switched to the "diet" form of Wellness. He didn't seem to mind the difference. So that's one approach -- just keep doing what you're doing, but use the "healthy weight" version of the dry you're giving him.

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Thanks, would you recommend the EVO? I was thinking of going to it, especially being able to order it online and it seems to have an edge over the Blue brand? Yes, he's a big mushball...I think at what the Vet said 11-12lbs he'd be skin and bones lol
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I feed Evo canned food to one of my cats and feel it is a good food, although she doesn't seem to like the taste of it as much as other foods. It's pretty dense and gets pretty solid when refrigerated, so i find that warming it up in the microwave for a few seconds makes it a lot more appealing.

Sadie also has had weight issues and has been overweight for most of her life so far. I put her on a diet this past fall, and finally she is just about at her ideal weight. What'd I do?...cut out the dry food entirely and cut down on the amount I was feeding her. She looks great now, and I can tell she feels great because she is a lot more active and playful.

Like you said, there is no one ideal weight for cats; it depends on the individual. A cat at a healthy weight, though, should have a visible waist when viewed from the top, and when you run your fingers across his side, pressing lightly, you should be able to feel his ribs under a thin layer of fat. If you can't feel his ribs or have to press harder to do so, he's overweight.

I think you are most likely feeding too much, particularly with the dry food. 1/2 c some days seems like an awful lot. I bet if you cut that down to 1/4 c consistently you'd see him shed some of the excess weight. You're likely to get even better results if you substitute some of that dry food in favor of more wet.

If you do switch to EVO, keep in mind that EVO dry food is MUCH higher in calories than Blue, (602 kcal/cup vs 382 kcal/cup) so you will need to cut back on the amount you're feeding even more. The amount of calories in the wet food is about the same.
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Thanks Nell, a lot better advice than the Vet gave me I must say. I have one question though, how would you compare Blue to the Evo? I keep hearing high praise of the Evo, not a lot about Blue other than just saying "it's a good quality product". I will cut down to 1/4 dry at night, the can of wet in AM. At 14.8 he had a very visible cut waist and looked amazing, so he's basically gotta lose a pound.
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Just wanted to update: I purchased a 12-pack of the 13.2 oz EVO cans (variety pack). We'll see how he likes them, there was a really good deal on Amazon. The question is, about how many ounces of wet should I give him in the AM and I'd do 1/4 of dry at night?
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My cat is 12lbs, use to be heavier. She lost weight from me switching to the no-grain kibble and a tiny bit of wet food (since she isnt a fan of it). Tessie gets either 1/4 cup of BB Wilderness 2 times a day or she gets 1/2 of a can wet in the am and 1/4 cup of dry in the PM. I give her about 210 calories a day.

Edit: You could give her 1/2 of the 5.5 ounce can of wet in the morning and 1/4 cup dry in the afternoon. Just be carefull of the calories, count them just like you would if you were on a diet.

I found that BB Wilderness has less calories per cup than EVO dry. My cat really liked EVO dry but she always acted hungry after eating so I had to switch.

I believe your cat should not consume more than 250 calories a day and less than that to loose weight? Someone please correct me if im wrong...

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