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Cool Cat
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Hm, that's a good idea. I should try that.

The problem I've had with this is, Zephyr knows how to groom himself. I've seen him do it occasionally. He just doesn't understand why he should bother with it. "Life is better when I clean my own bottom" just never sank in. I would think a cat would want a clean bum, but he just seems indifferent to it most of the time.

In other ways he's incredibly smart. It's his one intellectual failing, for some reason.

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Default Cat Baths

I'd definitely recommend the misting then. Don't make it a crazed activity tho or he will run away after he potties. Just slowly grab the mister when you see his dirty bum, aim and mist! I honestly thought I'd be having to deal with my slow lil guy's dirty tush for forever. I'd shampoo his tushie several times each week on top of the other kitties washing him. I'm so glad the misting worked for him! Ha.

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Jr. Cat
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Default Misting

I am going to have to try that! After my ill kitty passed away, his sister was quite lonely so we got her a friend. We knew her friend was deaf and we were ok with that, but once we brought her home, we noticed that she also has a balance issue. She will sit down to groom herself and starts to lift her leg and then she falls over and because she is now laying on the ground, doesn't seem to be able to reach as well, so she isn't as deligent about it. I'll try the misting to see if that may encourage a little more of an attempt. As a side note, we are working with our vet on the problem of her balance because according to the rescue group, the vet that worked with her and the shelter that she was rescued from, there is no notice of balance issues. We think we may have discovered the problem. She has a calcification of ear wax pressing against her ear drum. The vet tried to remove it but because the kitty flenched too much she didn't want to risk rupturing the eardrum. So we have been doing a special ear medicine to try to loosen it up so she can get it out next time we come in, if it doesn't break down then my kitty will have to be knocked out so the vet can pull out the big chunk without risking rupture. The medicine to loosen the stuff up though seems to be working pretty well. We go back to see the vet this coming Saturday, so we'll see how we did!
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Jr. Cat
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Goodness gracious! I can't even imagine trying to bath my cat. I'm laughing thinking about it. Methinks that I would look like I got into a knife fight.

I'll just echo the people above. Cats are pretty clean creatures. If you're cat stops grooming him or herself you may need a trip to the vet. Otherwise, anything other than the basic grooming needed by certain breeds, baths aren't typically necessary.
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Jr. Cat
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Default Cat Baths

I've had pia for 4 months now and haven't fully bathed her. one night I was taking a shower and she playing in the sink and got shot multiple times with the automatic clearsil face wash dispenser. Had to take her down and hose her butt off in the sink. She was pretty cool with the water.

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Tom Cat
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My Cuddles has been bathed around 5 times and Simba got his first bath 2 months ago. Cuddles has gotten pretty used to it by now, he only tries to escape once or twice. In the beginning it was very sad to see. His pupils would get super dilated and he was so scared. Even when i tried to give him his favorite treat, baby food, he wouldn't eat. Now he looks around a little and isn't as stressed out, but he's not a fan. The key is to start when they're small and easier to control. It wouldn't hurt to trim their nails before you attempt it too

I know many of you feel cats can clean themselves, but the proof is in the pudding. After they get bathed their fur is SOOOO soft. We mainly bathe them when the fur looks a little oily. Also, although cats lick their butts clean, they (at least mine) don't do a great job. I see small black specks on their anus, and we asked the vet about it because we thought it was some kind of tic or bug and he said it was poop. So the bath gives us a chance to clean their butts well too. Also, we can clean between their toes, where often time you'll see some junky build up from stepping in their litter. We use special kitty shampoo that doesn't dry out their skin, and as an added bonus they smell super clean when they're done licking themselves dry

P.S. if you have a kitty who doesn't drink, give them a bath and let them lick themselves dry, they'll get plenty of water !

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I bathe my cats once a year. My kitten gets pretty greasy from all the petting I do
They get a waterless bath every once in a while, maybe once a season. Especially the kitten as he gets a lot of static cling. With the furminator its almost necessary
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Jr. Cat
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There is no need to bath a healthy cat.
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Cat Addict
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The general rule is: Don't.

There's no need to do so for a healthy cat. Cats don't care about soft fur, it stresses them out, stresses you out, and they're more at risk for getting infections (wetness in their ears is not helpful), dry skin, and from a cat perspective, having to lick off all that strange smell and wetness isn't pleasant.

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