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Looking for your thoughts....

I have a cat that I cannot seem to figure out what is wrong with her. Vet really couldn't figure it out either. Seemed like a perfectly normal indoor/outdoor cat. Always ate dry food. Last June I did switch them to Whiskers dry food (not saying this is a coincidence or the problem). Late June and into July she became really sick, vomiting all the time, refused to eat, resulting in major weight loss. Took her the vet, he said kidney failure, did blood work. Results showed kidneys OK, but had elevated eosinophils. Then he said must be parasides, stool check came back negative. Went to a new vet, she saw how deteriorated the cat was, put her on fluids and they brought her back to life. Gave her some medicine for toxoplasmosis and parasites, just in case and an antibiotic. Seemed like she was getting better, then 2 weeks later, excessive vomiting again. Back to vets, more fluids and prednisone suspecting it was an allergy. Started eating again, a week or so later vomiting and wont eat again. At that point she didnt really have any real ideas what it could be. Since then eats for a week, then vomits 3 -4 days. Keeps repeating this pattern. Anyone have any idea what is going on. This week she is going great. last week she was vomiting everything, everyday. Stools are normal, not vomiting blood. Just can't keep anything down, including water. I have more to say, but since this is a long post, I would like to see if anyone has any thoughts on this. Thanks!!! Very happy cat this week, so good to see!
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I'm no cat expert, but generally elevated eosinophils can be caused by a lot of things:

Parasites (looks like they already treated for worms, right?)
Allergies (any change in diet? cleaning products? something you use only every other week?
Lymphoma/leukemia - were the white blood cell & red blood cell levels okay on her lab work?)
Connective tissue disease with vasculitis (this would be hard to diagnose in a cat probably)
Adrenal insufficiency (there would have been lab abnormalities like high potassium)
Asthma (but it sounds like your cat isn't wheezing or anything)

however paired with cyclical vomiting, it could be eosinophilic gastritis (just limited to the stomach - not as extensive as eosinophilic gastoenteritis so not as much of the diarrhea symptoms). In humans, the affected person gets ill - vomiting, weight loss, & discomfort every 7-10 days, each episode lasting 1-3 days. In gravity dependent areas (eg. the legs) you'll see swelling because they have low protein levels. It's diagnosed by biopsy of the stomach. It's treated with oral immunosuppressant medication (not just a single dose) & dietary changes (if there was any sort of associated food hypersensitivity). It seems cats can be diagnosed with it too, so this could be a possibility.
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We fed Whiskers a few years ago and one of our cats vomited every time he ate it, but it wasn't bad enough that he degenerated. I convinced my mom to switch and he got better, he's a completely different cat actually. Not saying that the food is the only problem, but it could be a contributing factor.
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my older cat did that if i gave her more than 1 tbsp. of food at a time. then my vet told me to read up on IBD. i did and switched her to an all canned grain-free diet. i know it's more expensive, but mine hasn't thrown up since and she can eat all she needs.
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I'm not a vet, so please don't take this as professional advice or anything - but when I first got Maisie, he was vomiting a lot too with no clear cause. It turned out he was sensitive to wheat, and he'd been eating food with wheat gluten while in his foster home.

I had originally thought it would be a good idea to let him get used to his new permanent home before making him get used to a new food too, but I went ahead and started a switch, and as it turned out a transition to eating a grain-free diet cleared up the issue.

Like I said, I'm not trying to diagnose your cat, but the reason what you said stood out to me was that Whiskas was the food Maisie was on when he was having problems.

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I agree, our Billy had all sorts of problems while I was feeding Whiskas. He has since passed and I've often wondered (I didn't know better at the time) if I caused his early death because of the inexpensive food I was feeding him. My 5 cats all now get a grain free diet and they are flourishing - and it's only been a few weeks! The vomiting has all but stopped, and their coats are softer and shinier! Thinking of them as your kids helps with the additional costs!! I would have spent anything on my son, and now that he is grown I will do anything to give my cats the best quality lives. I jokingly tell him I am spending his inheritance on the cats! - - - well maybe it's not completely joking, but don't tell him that! =D

Go to Petco and buy some good quality canned or dry (Soulistic is a Petco brand and has a reasonably priced line of canned that my cats love) and/or the best quality low to no grain dry you can afford. I ordered mine from Chewy.com and my cats love it: EVO dry but others can chime in on dry brands available from the pet stores. Good quality food costs more, but it is SO worth it to their quality of life. I hope kitty feels better soon! It is heartbreaking to see them sick, isn't it?

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You might check out this website on cat nutrition. I'm not a vet, but cats are "obligate carnivores" and really shouldn't be eating "grains" (corn, wheat, rice, barley, soy) that's in mostly dry kibble. I think if you switch to a canned food, you may see some changes.

Feeding Your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition :: healthy cat diet, making cat food, litter box, cat food, cat nutrition, cat urinary tract health

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Looking for your thoughts....

Some brands from petco you might try:

Innova Prime
Before Grain Chicken
Natures Variety Instincts
Wellness Core
Blue Wilderness

Those first two are gonna be the cheaper ones but they are both still grain free. Any cans in those brands are gonna be good. I second the Soulistic canned suggestion too. They don't make a dry food but they do have good quality cans for a good price.

Other brands if you can find them at local stores or if you want to order online. I do this from chewy.com. It's super easy and once I started I didnt like going to the store anymore

EVO turkey chicken
GO Natural Fit & Free
Earthborn Primitive
Taste of the Wild
Pure Vita
Horizons Legacy

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Ditto the ordering online!! If you order enough the shipping is free. Wag.com or Chewy.com have free shipping for orders over $49. Try Amazon, too.
My cats all hate the Orijen. Dumb me bought a 15 pound bag and now it is worthless. Even a shelter won't take an open bag. They love the EVO dry, however.

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I echo the previous sentiments on EVO dry cat food. My cat had no GI issues and used to eat the other food, but once I switched him to EVO turkey/chicken he became much more active, didn't have to eat as much to feel full, and seemed a lot happier.

They also have EVO wet (duck or venison or beef or turkey/chicken) & EVO treats.
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