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Do cats need wet food?

We just adopted our first cat, a 5 year old black cat named Pepper. I was told that cats don't drink much water, so they need wet food to help hydrate them. Pepper drinks lots of water daily, and the last time we tried to give her wet cat food she threw it up. Should I keep trying to give her wet food or keep her on her current diet of dry only? Thanks!

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It's all I feed. No kibble in this house.
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Do cats need wet food?

Wet food is important to cats because they can easily develop UTIs or kidney problems. Kibble alone is just about the worst thing you can feed a cat. Mine get raw and partial canned..... Only dry on occasion.... What wet food did you try?? Mine only get grain free EVO canned. It's 95% meat.

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Many cats live their whole lives on kibble diets, so it's not like she's necessarily going to keel over dead if you don't feed her wet food, but wet food is a much better alternative if you're able to feed it. It may contribute to her leading a longer, healthier, happier life. (Although obviously there are no guarantees.)

Cats often throw up when they eat a food they just aren't used to. I would try to introduce the wet food gradually so it won't upset her stomach.

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You could try smaller portions of canned, or a higher quality food. My cats will throw up the cheap stuff every time, but they seem to tolerate the better quality stuff. One will always throw up fish. Try some canned of different flavors in small portions (a tablespoon or less at a time). If she will eat wet food, that is definitely a better alternative to dry kibble. You could also try giving her other liquids like broth or catmilk to drink to supplement her liquid intake.

Two of my cats LOVE to drink out of the tub faucet and it is a treat for them when I go upstairs and turn it on. They will take very long drinks and I leave the faucet on until they are satisfied. Of course there are always fresh water bowls all over the house for them. Put a fresh bowl in two or three rooms all over the house to encourage drinking, too. Lots of good options available for you.

And thank you ever so much for adopting an older kitty!

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Mine is on a total dry food diet. All my cats over the years have been and they all grew to a very healthy old age. Mia drinks lots of water, always has. Shes one of the healthiest cats. Never been at the vet accept for a checkup and shots. I did try wet (she was ok with it) but its to expensive on my budget. I think sometimes people get toooo wraped up in what their pets are eating. I know I dont get that wrapped up in my own eating habits. lol
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I used to feed mine kibble with wet every few days, but even that caused a UTI for one of my cats. So now I'm giving them Wellness canned food every day, with every meal with a small amount of kibble one meal a day mixed into the wet food. I give just a 1/4 cup every day.

I have noticed them drinking less water, they're much more active and curious, and more affectionate since the change in diet. I think the straight protein gives them more energy, as opposed to the carbs that are in kibble.
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The more time I've spent around cats over the years, the more I've come to believe that a large (probably the largest) component of how long they will live and what health problems they will have is genetic.

That said, I also think that the choices we make for them can either create an increasing downward spiral with their genetic tendencies toward disease and shortened lifespan, or fight against those tendencies to give them the best quality of life that would be possible for them.

A good diet isn't a miracle cure. It's not a magic bullet. Cats are living creatures, not machines, and there's no absolute formula to keep a living creature free of any health problems.

However, I believe in doing the best we can to keep our pets healthy, even while being realistic that it won't solve every problem.

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+1 everything Blakeney Green just said

A cat could eat Meow Mix dry food and drink milk and live to be 22. Likewise a person could eat doughnuts and bacon for breakfast every morning and live to be 102.

But for those of us without genetically perfect cats (or human bodies), it helps to increase the odds in our favor by establishing lifestyle patterns that are known to be healthy choices.

I think one of the most important things you can do, besides educating yourself, is choosing a vet who you trust and who tends to see things the same as what you've decided to be good decisions and is willing to take the time to discuss your cat's health (at length if needed).

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When we adopted Murphy at age 2, I started giving him wet food and sure enough, he would throw it up. I'm pretty sure he had never been given wet food before, so it was completely new to his stomach. I followed the advice I got here to give it to him in smaller quantities and slowly build up, and that did the trick. I think you just have to allow for an adjustment period of a couple days where he has to get used to wet food. It's worth making the adjustment though!

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