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Originally Posted by marie73 View Post
Walmart cat food: Your cats can only eat it part-time and they don't get any benefits from it.
Too funny. *grin*

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Originally Posted by wolfheartmoon View Post
No, the Fancy Feast itself. It seems like maybe walmart has a lower quality of it or something. :\ I've heard it before, that they make the manufacturers produce lower quality, but I just never wanted to believe it, I thought it was just crazy paranoid people.
it isn't name brand foods that walmart screws with so much, the thing they do is that they don't list ingredients on their house brands so you can't comparison shop. I don't shop there in the first place, but if I did I positively would not buy house brands without ingredient lists. I often buy Kroger/king soopers/private selection house brands if they're exactly the same as a name brand product i want, but I check first. maybe some people don't.

the same thing has happened to me with Wellness, as far as one batch being more solid and one not even holding its shape out of the can, but funny thing is: my cats liked the soupier versions better. (???) it has happened several times, the only flavors I buy are plain chicken and plain turkey but none of it has ever been bad.

the ability of walmart to screw with nationwide brands? I really doubt it but nothing would surprise me. I don't think anyone has to make up shady things they do though, it would be enough to keep to the facts. I don't see how it would be possible for them to "force" a company to produce a lower quality product for them, because then that would reflect on the brand itself and not so much Walmart.
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I've always thought it seemed a bit far fetched to think that WalMart's brand name items were not as good as from another store but in the last few months I've had several items that I've bought at WalMart and then at another store (mostly cereal) and the ones bought at another store were always fresher tasting even though the expiration dates were about the same. Sometimes I wonder.
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The food is the same, but I too have noticed that some texture might be different one cat to the next. My cats will love something one day then turn up their noses the next. That's cats.

Lacey loved a can of Purina One Chicken Feast so I went a bought a case. I have such a hard time finding food they will all eat consistently. Next time I gave it to her she barfed it all up so I laid off awhile. Yesterday same thing. Something about it upsets her tummy.

I wouldn't worry about the quality from one store to the next for the same brand.
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Alright, I'll stop being so paranoid. lol
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I see lots of 'natural' cat food brands on Wal-Mart shelves. IF they're as wholsome as they claim,Id opt for 1 of them over walmart brand.
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Interesting to note. Can't speak for the cat food, but when taking a brand name mixer from the cabinet, I noticed the box said "made exclusively for Walmart". I also thought it was a rumor, but this made me say hmmm. Worth checking into.
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A friend made me notice that most dollar shop that have brand names only have them when there are mistakes on the item or if they are from a batch that did not pass a test of quality. For example a misspelling in the name or in ingredients.

I would suspect it is the same thing for Walmart. It depend on the item but it might be because the items bought were from a batch that did not meet the quality testing at the company so they ship them to Walmart (and others) to be sold for a little less.

So even if you bought the same cat food, it's not exactly the same (food or packaging)
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Personally, I don't shop at WalMart... however I do notice dollar store products, even name brands, aren't always what you'd expect. I got a cake mix by Duncan Hines at the dollars store last year and it didn't rise... never had that happen before or since. The printing on the box was also weird, like you could see double letters, so even the box was faulty.

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Ew. :\ That's not good.
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