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Please Help - Weight Loss Only Symptom...

Our 100% indoor 8 year old tabby female spayed cat has lost nearly 2 lbs over past year. We see no other significant symptoms. We don't know what to do next.
Any help or similarities to your sick cat, and/or suspicions welcomed.....

- 1 lb detected loss from last year weigh-in (@ normal annual checkup last month).
- almost 1lb more weight lost over past month.

Recent Factors
- Lost male 17 year old co-existing household cat approx 1 year ago. Suspected thyroid led to HCM.
- Introduced 2 male brother cats into the household over 1 year ago. Nuetured, clean checkups.
- This cat has been getting more exercise over past year, was active.
- Revcd 3 yr rabies shot renewal @ last months Feb visit.

- Loss of the 2 lbs over past year. 1 lb over last month
- Acting more tired/sluggish over past month. Seems to sleep more. Maybe like depression. Not hiding as a sick cat would do. ALWAYS PURRING ON THE COUCH, looks depressed but yes purring. strange!
- Regurg of small wet food particles in water bowls (she eats wet food by popping head up with food in mouth, strange habit, pretty sure always existed)
- Seems confused sniffing @ times (rare, but few times seemed restless or confused)
- Today just sitting in litterbox for a bit, no peeing or pooing at that time.
- I see this, not my wife. Her eyes seems like they are different. Like they are bulging/bigger, maybe more pronounced, maybe more dull, might be just my imagination. Did a skin test and checked gums. Doesn't appear dehydrated.

What stayed the same
- Appetite similar but not as aggressive/robust.
- Still eating wet and dry food. Interested in food but seems more lazy to get to it.
- Not sure if drinking or peeing more - doesnt seem so. But def doing both.
- My wife saw a well formed poop last night.

Done in last week
- Bloodwork (including T4 and glucose tests and WBC) - all normal except slight sugar spike doc says from stress (she was freaking @ visit, pooped and vomited)
- View only of teeth, look very well maintained. Couldn't get a better look. She's temperamental.
- Feel of body parts and palpitations, lymph nodes, heart and lung listen - all normal

- Vet says def not hyper (Think only standard T4 test)
- Vet says def not Diabetes (Glucose slightly high but cat was stressed vet says - cat peed, pooped & vomited on visit)
- Vet says def not Kidneys (no urinalysis done. Just bloodwork)
- Vet makes no comment on heart (no BP taken)
- Vet made no comment on fever (no temp taken)
- Vet made no comment on stool (no fecal matter requested)
- Vet says doesn't know. Suggests more tests, or wait and see.

This is really weird.
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Nice summary of the situation. Unfortunately I don't think there's much that we can add besides doing the additional tests that the vet suggested. The one thing I can add is that you might want to try going to a clinic at a vet school if there's one near you. They have many specialists on staff, the latest equipment etc. That's what I do when the local vets seem stumped, but I'm fortunate to have Tufts less than an hour away. If you do this, once you get a diagnosis they can work with your local vet for treatment follow up if necessary. Understand that this will be expensive. Good luck, I hope you figure it out.

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I'm sorry about the mystery ailment. My vets here have always said that you feel like there's something off with your kitty, there's something off, because you know your kitty better than anyone. Unfortunately, with cats, the same symptoms can be indicative of so many different issues, and it seems like quite often, vets can't make a definitive diagnosis, despite testing. One of my kitties passed away a couple of years ago just 10 days after a vet visit where we had all sorts of tests done that came back normal. I knew something was wrong - we just didn't know what, and we still don't know the cause of death.

I don't mean to scare you, just saying that it's entirely possible that something is not right, despite all evidence to the contrary.

The purring and lethargy could be related to grieving for the loss of her kitty companion. My kitty grieved for over a year. Lots of extra time and cuddles might help. But the staring off and seeming confused, and just sitting in her litterbox, don't seem like they could be related to grieving. Did you mention these to the vet? Could they be mini-seizures? I believe that seeming confused, even without other physical symptoms, can be a symptom of a seizures in a cat.

What kind of additional testing did the vet think might help? Just the things that you mentioned weren't already done, or more on top of those? In addition to what doodlebug's already recommended about doing all additional testing and consulting a veterinary school, I'd ask the vet about a couple of things. I might be going overboard, because my current kitty has kidney disease, but I believe that regular bloodwork won't necessarily reveal very early kidney disease. If the SDMA test was not done as part of the bloodwork, I'd ask for one. If it shows anything, then a urinalysis has to be done as well, in order to try to accurately determine the stage of the kidney diseasea. In that case, a blood pressure check (which not all vets are necessarily equipped to do) is also important, since kidney function and hypertension are related, and one common treatment for cats with kidney disease is blood pressure medication. I'd also ask whether a dental xray might be useful since the vet couldn't get a good lookat kitty's teeth. There may be an abscessed tooth in the back that's causing some discomfort.

I hope that additional testing and consulting a veterinary school will help to get at a diagnosis.
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Wow thanks for all the information. I will consider the advanced test.

Interesting. Cat is still eating, maybe a bit more this week? Weighed her in, now maybe she gained a few ounces back but my scale could be off.

Cat is sniffing all around and looks confused, then acts out aggressively on other household cats. This is just brief.

Don't know what to think of all this.

I read that sometimes T4 can look normal when they are really Hyper. Just not sure if this remains a differential.
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Yes, T4 can be normal even if the cat has hyperT, though I think this is pretty rare. There are other tests that can be done, so you could ask the vet. I've found that sometimes I've had to insist on things that the vet didn't think was necessary. The vet has always been right (though I know of cases where the kitty owner was right), but paying for my peace of mind has always been worth it.

The SDMA test that I mentioned isn't anything so specialized that it should be expensive. It would still be done on the blood taken for the other tests. My vet said they now include it in all routine bloodwork, and your vet may too. If the bloodwork was sent out to Idexx, then the SDMA test was done. It should show on the lab report.

So kitty is still drinking, peeing, and pooping normally, but still not eating as much, and then there's the occasional strange behavior? I'd definitely ask about possible neurological causes.

One note: kitties do purr sometimes when they're in pain, to comfort themselves. Again, I'm not trying to scare you - just trying to think of things that might point to either something medical or something neurological or psychological, like depression.
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