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Default Can you change canned food flavors?(same brand)

I know with dogs you are supposed to not switch from beef to lamb and back again. What about cats? I will be starting my kitten on Wellness canned and the hard kitten food. Can kittens eat regular cat canned food or is there a kitten formula? I am picking him up on Wednesday! I am so excited! Everyone has been so helpful here!
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You can get a food "for all life stages" or kitten food for him at this point. Once he's older (6 months or so) and nuetered, you can take him off kitten food and put him on adult formula. At least, that's what Dr. Jean has said.

As for switching flavors...I think it's ok but be careful about some of the common allergy flavors: chicken and fish are the two I can think of off the top of my head.

Scotty, my kitty, doesn't have a sensitive stomach, nor is he allergic to any flavor, so I switch the flavors on him so he doesn't get picky.
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Rotating flavors is actually a very good idea to help reduce the risk of them becoming too picky or developing allergies. Some cats need a gradual switch, but others don't. Personally, I switch between brands and flavors every other day (a can lasts me two days) without problems.

Good luck

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I switch up the wellness flavors all the time and Hali is totally cool with it. I think it has something to do with the meat content and the fact he can digest it way easier than all those fillers.

It's normally the dry food you'll have to worry about switching around. The wellness dry was much better than science diet - but it still was harder to switch him over without getting runny poop. With the canned food however - I was able to stabalize his belly a lot easier.
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I have 3 different brands with 5 different flavors and my cat seems to like the variety.
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I feed Sabby Wellness and I switch the flavors daily. I once bought only one flavor and after 3 days he started sniffing the food then looking at me as if to say, "again???"
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You should be able to switch flavors of the same brand without any adverse effects. First few times through the cycle you should keep a close eye on things just in case your new kitty is overly sensitive. One of the things I like about Wellness is they have so many flavors. I typically switch flavors everyday. My cats favorite flavor is the Chicken and Beef so I feed that more frequently and I only feed the fish flavors once a week or only a few times a month. The reason for that is, everything Ive read indicates that fish is okay if fed occassionally but should be avoided as a regular staple. You can do some research as to the reasons why. Dr. Jean has some good info on that at Wellness also makes a kitten formula but my kittens got sick of that fairly quickly because it only comes in one flavor. So I started feeding thier regular formula's to them along with the kitten formula. Wellness is a high quality food and can be considered all life stages.

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