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Thanks guys for keeping all the nice replies going. And I'm not offended at all by your comment, Marcia, and I appreciate your kind words. I am a writer, and so I think that good grammar is important. I have plans to pursue an English major in college, because I love words and literature, and I love to write. I don't always write as well when I'm sending a quick text, but on forums and papers and things, I feel good grammar is essential, or you can come off as amateurish or incompetent. And for those who are wondering about my education, I was homeschooled by my grammar nazi mom up until high school, aha. Not to mention I have always just had an affinity for language.

Anyways, back on topic. I have heard some people say that Ragdolls or other longhaired, big cats aren't always lap sitters, due to their size and all that warm fluff, haha. As for Himmies, I don't think they would be a good choice for me because I don't think I could handle a coat that requires daily brushing like that. I brush our two cats a few times a week typically, and they have long coats, but their coats are not as voluminous as the Persian and it's cousin the Himalayan are known for. One of ours has a bit of a longer coat, and often I have to pay the most attention to her coat, but luckily she doesn't mind being groomed so much.

I have talked to my mom about it a little - she knows that I have wanted a cat for a long while. She is a very conscientious person, and so I know she would never allow me to make any such choice lightly. We have talked about a cat or other small pet for me, since I owned and loved a rabbit for nine years, and he passed away from old age when I was twelve. But I figured I would wait and see how busy I would be in high school, and go from there. So, here I am. On a separate note, my mom adores Maine Coons. I'm pretty she dreams of them, haha. Them and Norwegian Forest Cats, but Wegies are known to be more independent and aloof, which is not what I'm hoping for in a cat.
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I'm a rescue person - I would only get a purebred by accident!! My honest advice is to look for personality above breed.
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Originally Posted by Kyla Grace View Post
On a separate note, my mom adores Maine Coons. I'm pretty she dreams of them, haha. Them and Norwegian Forest Cats, but Wegies are known to be more independent and aloof, which is not what I'm hoping for in a cat.
If you and your mom are interested in Maine Coons and Norweigians, then you may also want to check Siberian cats. My Meatball is a Siberian, and she is a HUGE lap snuggler! She is very loyal and affectionate, follows me everywhere and can glue on my laps for hours Also there are color-point Siberians (I guess you like color points a lot, considering the breeds you are interested), whereas there is no color-point Main Coon and Wegies.

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Yes, I think colorpoints are very unique and beautiful And I've heard I little bit about Siberians. Yours looks very cute! Meatball, what a name, haha.
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Tom Cat
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Well for what it's worth: I've been fortunate enough to love four cats. I have three now as one sadly passed away 2 years ago. So of the four, 3 are purebreds and one is a DSH shelter cat. ( 2 of my purebreds came from a shelter by the way. )My most loving cat is my DSH. He is a little love bug who is truly faithful to me. Meaning, he follows me like a shadow from room to room, watches everything I do, wants to lay in my lap and sleep under my chin every night. He is truly special.
Now my shelter Persian that passed away two years ago was not a lap cat but loved being around me. He was personality times a thousand and I will never get over his passing......
My experience with a breeder on my current purebred Persian has been nothing short of wonderful. I still keep in touch with her sending emails and pictures back and forth. And when any health issues arise, all I have to do is email or call her and she's on it to help me figure things out. So, it is possible to have a good experience with a breeder as long as you do your research.
Sometimes we think we know what we want when it comes to cats, but honestly, sometimes what we get is better than we could of hoped for and never knew we wanted. Follow your heart.
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Like everyone else said it all depends on the cat... My kitten Skeeter is a lynx point.. He came from a shelter. There's times when he's a little brat but most of the time he's a COMPLETE mommys boy and MUST snuggle in my lap or somewhere ON me.... He's a sweetheart when he wants to cuddle but the devils spawn the rest of the time

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Godzilla & Mr. Skeeter

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Aww, haha. He is very cute! On of our cats, Thor, can be a little diva sometimes, and acts like he's too good for me. But he usually comes crawling back begging for treats and attention within a few hours
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There are also breed-specific rescues, so you might want to good "maine coon rescue" (or whatever breed) and see what pops up in your area.

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I am an owner of purebred cats. I own them because I was looking to increase the odds of certain personality traits being present. They were pretty much the same traits you're looking for. My girlfriend has/had 2 Balinese and they were exactly what I wanted.

Buying a Balinese did not guarantee that they would be athletic, curious, intelligent and attached to me. I got 'lucky'. I'm currently living with my GF while I have some renovations done. Here are her two and my two.

Mine are on the right. Daisy, the youngest and whiteest, second from the left, is not a people person. SHe is slightly skittish and prefers cat company to humans.

The other three are serious lap loungers.

Sammy, my GF's male is ridiculous. We have to check for a pulse from time to time!

These Bali's are the most incredible animals. And as others have said, buying a purebred may increase your chances of getting what you want, but Daisy is proof that it doesn't guaranty it.


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Burmese, Orientals, Siamese, Bombay, Tonkinese, and Exotic Shorthairs are all lap fungus :] I did a bit of research, looking for a lap-cat of my own. You can also check out local shelters...I'm sure there are tons of moggies with the right personality for you!
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