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Default Question for Cat Breeders!

Here's the background: I've put a deposit down on a gorgeous little Oriental Shorthair, Gallagher. (Pics posted below!) He was born on January 18, which would make him a little over two weeks old right now, and I'll be picking him up from the breeder on April 18, when he's three months old.

And so my question is: Is it normal to visit before than? I would love to visit him at one or two months old, to see him wobble around on little kitten legs, but I don't want to impose on my breeder. I just think it would be amazing to pop by for a coffee or something, and play with the kitten that I will (hopefully) be spending the next twenty years of my life with. I don't know if that's usual protocol, though.

I don't want my breeder to be sighing and rolling her eyes over my request, so breeders! Do you like it when people visit early, before the official pick up date? Or is just an inconvenience? The same question goes for people who've bought from breeders before...did you stop by beforehand, or did you wait it out?

Gallagher at 2 days

Gallagher at 12 days
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As a former breeder, I had no objection to a prospective owner visiting to view and play with the kittens, in fact I encouraged it. When I bought my Devons I visited their breeder twice before they were old enough to come home with me. I've always believed that it is the kitten that chooses its owner, and sometimes when a prospective buyer was adamant about a certain color/pattern, often it was that kitten that was not interested in the buyer. imo, a kitten that chooses its owner usually has a closer bond with it. This was the case with my white girl Alkee. I really don't like white cats that much and prefer torties, torbies, calicos, but on my visits she was the one that kept coming back to me and getting in my lap while I sat on the floor, so I got her rather than the flashy cream & white bicolor boy I had my eye on.
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Well, I am not a breeder, but if I was I would be surprised if the prospective parents didn't ask or want to visit now and then, to take pictures and watch their little one grow up! Certainly would ask to visit as often as possible and not be concerned if eyes are rolled or not.
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Well, those were exactly the answers I was hoping to hear. Thanks guys, I'll call my breeder up right away :]
Gah, I can't wait to see my little Gallagher in person! This is going to be fantastic.
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My family has bred a specific breed of dogs since the mid 1950's and when we had litters the prospective owners (from a waiting list) would be there *every* Saturday afternoon. My parents would let them start visiting once we could pull the mom away for a few hours without causing unhappy puppies. They would visit them in the whelping room(but not allowed to handle them at this age).

Once the puppies got older and were marked (colored collars) they would toddle around the moveable puppy pen in the yard. People would come and play with their puppies in the grass. A few hours later the puppies would all zonk out and the new owners would slowly leave.

If a breeder fusses about you wanting to visit your new kitten, imo, it's not a very good breeder.
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Three months seems a long time to wait. Hope you will be able to see your baby before then!!
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This is absolutely something you should ask for, should have done before sending the deposit even. If a breeder ever told me no I couldn't visit I would not purchase a cat from them. They may want you to wait until first vet visit and vaccines are done but after that there shouldn't be any issue...just be sensitive to their time. I drove 2.5 hours each way to meet Holly at 6 weeks and check out the breeder. Then did the drive again at 12 weeks to pick her up.

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Heck, even the couple who were fostering my Calibratz told me I could visit them all I wanted. Unlike Lisa, though, I only had to wait about a week.
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I think most breeders do allow the people who will be getting a kitten to visit but not when the kittens are very young. I know some breeders who will allow visitors after 6 weeks. others not until 8 wks. I've heard of some who do allow it sooner. but most breeders I know don't let people visit kittens just 4 weeks old. However some of them do share photos and/or videos every week or two. and some may be able to Skype.

I've heard of some who really would rather not have visitors in. which in some cases could be a bad sign. In others they may have had a bad experience with kittens getting sick after people visited and now they are paranoid. Hopefully your breeder welcomes visitors, and will just probably ask you to observe some basic precautions to avoid bringing in germs. like make sure that you don't visit any other litters that day before you go, don't go there after volunteering at a shelter , handling bedding used by ferals etc. and then not changing clothes and washing hands etc.

I love Orientals and Gallagher has some seriously cute baby pictures there!
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I'm not a breeder but I do foster quite a bit. Potential adopters are always welcome to come see my babies (let me know beforehand, of course) and I have a few friends I ask over every time I have fosters specifically because I want to make sure the kittens get handled (socialized) by someone besides just me.
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