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Originally Posted by jawramik View Post
Coda: Coda-kitty, Pretty Princess, Precious Princess, Kitty Baby, Crack Kitty, Little Girl, Baby Girl

Caligula: Cal, Cal-boy, Dog-face Woofers, Little Emperor, Handsome Man, Jolly Grey Giant, Food-face
my first cat was named coda and i used to call him coda kitty or coda pagoda. he and his friend (i still have) were referred to as "needy bas" (which turned into just 'nas) or "zhboo-bas." his shelter name was simon (the siamese).

diotima is dee dee ba, girl-girl, missy d, cookie pie. she had been miranda. she's just a little black kitty. 15 but i still call her a "kitty".

baci was going to be the second coda but it didn't really fit so i changed it. he's baci baracci, ballacio, baci ba, baci the bitchy, biggie smalls, piggie pig pig, and full o' food. he's another siamese with a crook in his tail so they had been calling him "bumpy". for a couple of years he was mr. ledbetter the bedwetter but we got that permanently fixed and now i don't want to jinx it by calling him that.

houdini is deanie, dean-da, harriet, stink bomber, poo poo face and smelly cat. he's the only one who ever really had smelly poops. 3rd siamese (i like meezers, can you tell? lol) and his first name was frankie. his full name is hairy houdini the first.

every time one of them throws up it's usually vomit bag or urpmeister but i try to be nice.
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My pet sitter posted this same thing on her facebook page. I think its a great post.

Simba is Mr.Sim. Blue is Bluey or bluey cutie Brynie is pretty brynie. Stache is belly boy.. b/c hes always layn on his back and shown off his big belly
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This is a great thread!! Loving the fact that I'm not the only crazy person out there........
Felix I mostly call him Ferix, dunno why......? Pusscatpusscat, Ferixpusscat
Beans Fatty, Little Fatty, Beany Beans
Monster- Poop, Old Poop, Poop Cat,Poophead, Turdbag, Git, and some other things I won't be allowed to type...... LOL
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Lol, we have a whole slew of nicknames for our cats, most of them the stupid sort of thing that just comes out when baby talking to them. I have to make a concious effort not to embarass myself by saying any of the dumbest ones when people come over.

Mr. Beautiful
Mr. Tummy
Mr. Snuggles

The Te
Stripey Legs
Flappy (he has a bit of a paunch)
Kitty Bum

Miss Cosy
Zet Zet
Pretty Girl
Sweety Girl

Miss Autumn
Lovely Girl

Miss Mona
The Kitten
Miss Kitten

Our two previous cats named Spunky and Fraidy were sometimes referred to as "Spunkspeepers" and "Fraperoo".

You can imagine how dumb we sound talking to our cats in a baby voice and calling them these sorts of names. But, even worse are the spontaneous songs that tumble out of my mouth when I'm interacting with my cats--the stupidest of which is probably "Nananananananana Bum Pats!" to the Batman theme. *Hangs head in shame*
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Missy is Mouse because she is so small @ 5lbs.
Zipper is Zip, Zip, Zippa-dip in an obnoxious voice if possible
Maddie is Maddie-mouse (although there is nothing small about her)
My husband used to call Winnie - MaineCoon! Said all at once as one name. It was cute the way he said it.
Too soon for Jack or Lacey to have nicknames
Cat owners' prayer: "Lord help me be the person my cat thinks I am"
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Their nicknames change often but currently MowMOw is either Senor Poopy Pants or Schmooface McGooface. Shepherd Book is either Kitten Face or Boo Gary Snotz
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Sammie: Samamfa
Tux: Tuxie, Tuxedo lequedo, Tuxford, Tuxington
Niv: Nivvy, Snivles
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Originally Posted by Ritzpg View Post
Ritz: "pretty girl", but I tell her a lot "precious girl": I don't want her to think I love her just because she's pretty.
Or sometimes "hey you".
I rarely call her by her given name, I live alone so maybe that's why.
I'm kinda the same way, about not calling her by her name.. she came with the name Peace (ironic since she likes to bite people and is general not peaceful), and I guess I never really got on board with that name, but I mostly call her kitty, and occasionally 'hey you' also lol (I also pretty much live alone and only have 1 cat)
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our cat is called ozzy but no one really calls him that.
My boyfriend calls him; swish, swish swish, poody, poodys.
I call him my baby lol!
Everyone calls him the moggy
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great topic!!

Pinky Tynk
Tynkie Tynk
Stinkie Tynk

Belly Belle
Blue Belle


Zoey Bob Pissy Pants (she gets so crabby so hubby started calling her this!)
Zoe Zoe
Denise & Crew
Tynk, Belle, Titan & Zoey

R I P:
Miss Emily 1997-1/15/11, Precious 2/21/04-9/12/11 & Angel Kitty 1997-11/6/11
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