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The complaining thread

Sometimes I need to complain about something that doesn't need a full thread, and I just need to vent to people. I thought we could have this thread for short complaints to get off our chests.

Here is complaint #1

Eric's sister has decided once again that her husband's family is more important than her own. She is refusing to come celebrate her brother's birthday because the same day is her husband's sister's birthday, and she thinks celebrating with her is more important.

Eric of course would go to the moon and back for his perfect sister, and this isn't a problem with him. I wouldn't mind if this was a one time deal, but she does this constantly.

Becky, the proud momma of:
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Some people are like that. My brother does the same except it's his fiancee. Her family takes all priority.
Here's my whine.
An old school friend started temping at my workplace and I asked her if she wanted to go for a drink to catch up on old times. If she'd said "no, I have a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/miscellaneous significant other", I would have completely understood. Instead she's giving me the run around, and constantly saying yes then changing plans.

It doesn't help that she's as hot as he11, and I would eat a book if it made her smile.

Come to think of it, she was a bit like that at school lol.
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Ugh, family drama is no fun. I am grateful I have so little of it. My immediate family and my boyfriend's family are pretty low-key. My brother can be difficult at times but he's not home often anymore since he just finished college and is off to grad school. His problem, I think, is that he's too smart for his own good! He knows he's smart, but I think sometimes he doesn't realize that being booksmart and great at math and science does not necessarily mean he knows everything.

Your situation sounds frustrating as well Huge. :[ I have little patience for mind games.

I guess my big complaint of the moment is that my boyfriend has been out of town for two weeks and it's been rough managing the condo, the cats, and everything while working 50+ hours a week. We generally share burdens around the house very well so it's been a shock suddenly having to do everything on my own. Thankfully he finally gets back on Wednesday.

Also I am kind of bored out of my mind doing the work I am currently doing. I have a real passion for illustration, but have ended up stuck working in Flash game art for the past 3 years and feel like I am wasting all the things I worked hard to learn in school. It's hard to explain to people not familiar with the process, but making game assets in Flash is a very different process from actual illustration and I just hate doing it because it's less actual art and more...crafting things in a mechanical fashion, which is not what I got an illustration major to do. I've spent most of these past 3 years making Facebook games (like farmville, but not farmville) and I just have absolutely no passion for it. Art is one of those fields, because it requires creativity, that is hard to perform in when you don't have any passion for the work you're doing.
Thankfully this situation is temporary and once this contract is up I will be able to work more on the things I actually studied to do professionally.
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I'm just want a freakin' job so I can move out and be able to control some aspects of my life. Living with your parents is fine up until the point where you realize that they have faults and are just as spotty as any other human, and then it goes downhill from there.

Mind, I love my mom. As long as I don't try to have a serious conversation with her, we are fine and awesome. However...

Well, my most recent complaint is that I spend all day re-painting my little sister's old room for them, have done all the chores they ask of me, try to stay out of the way WHILE taking care of their dogs and giving them treats and tlc, and what do I get?

I will tell you what I get. Every time I try to talk about things that are important to me, I only need to say one sentence into a convo I want to have, and no matter how freakin' politely I form it, I get yelled at. Whether it's 'Mom, I've been depressed because a 4 year friendship ended, and when you make statements of how I need to improve it only sends me spiraling down worse.' , or a joking (as in, I am laughing while saying it) 'so, does me doing all these chores mean I can get a cat or tattoo?' the only reply is a raised voice and some stab at a flaw that I have.

Especially fun since ten seconds later I am still reeling and mom expects things to go back to normal, despite me telling her I do not work like her and my sister do A MILLION TIMES. Which is ANOTHER freakin' conversation that I cannot have without getting sniped at.

Emotional health does not seem high on her priority for me.
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Tom Cat
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Urgh, memo to self.... don't click on a complaining thread right after a argument. Bleh. Too much hyperbole in some sections on my part.

'Xcuse me. (The main problem is really personality clash. My mom is 100 kinds of awesome, but really, we could not be more different even if God had made us night and day.)
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Meh, you say that NOW but wait another 10-15 years when her words come out of your mouth or when you're having a conversation with her and your both agreeing on everything said.

As for venting.... I usually just yell at whomever ticked me off...

I guess I could vent about the big pile of cat vomit I stepped in last night. I gave MowMow a Nature's Variety Raw food medallion with his dinner. I figured it was just too much raw too fast so this morning I gave him a quarter of a medallion...that's like an OUNCE and he had projectile exorcist vomit all over the hall carpet and wall. It was a lovely morning.

Last edited by MowMow; 08-20-2011 at 09:13 PM.
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This was the week for moron cat owners coming in the store...

First was the guy with the cat that was peeing outside the box so he tossed him outside to live.

Then the woman who is getting her 5 month old kitten declawed next week..."nobody is going to tell me it's bad, what's bad is the cat clawing up my furniture, I'm not going to stand for that" etc. To add insult to injury she was there to pick up a raffle basket that she won at my anniversary celebration last weekend.

And today the woman who asked how to tell if a cat has a fever. As the conversation progressed I was able to find out that the cat had been vomiting for a couple days but hadn't vomited since yesterday morning, she thought that was a good sign till I asked if the cat had eaten since then and the answer was no...and I said well, if it hasn't eaten, there's nothing to vomit. Told her to give the cat it's most very favorite food and if it doesn't eat, then it needs to go to the vet (explained the reasons why). "Oh no, I can't spend money on a vet". Told her that vet care was part of her responsibility when she chose to take on a pet. Talked a little further, then she said they would look around and kill some time because they were early for the movie (theater in the same plaza). Whaaaaaa?????? No money for a vet, but 4 of you going to the movies? Not even matinee pricing. Told her I was closing and they needed to leave...wanted to add "so I'm not tempted to kill you".

The only one I think I made any headway with was the first guy.

Holly, Misty & their friend, Jake, the dog.
Onyx, Callie May, Maggie & Kobi forever in my heart.
Yes, I know I need a new signature pic...someday...
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My rant has to do with my new job. I "transferred" to a new position about 6 weeks ago within the same department (even kept my same office). There's been a lot of re-structuring going on & my work team has a new boss. This new boss has been approaching every thing with the idea that he needs to "fix" our team process, so we try to avoid giving him too many details. Another lady was hired a couple weeks before I transferred, so we've been training together. She is consistently late EVERY day to work, but she never reflects this on her time sheet. Ordinarily I guess it wouldn't be a big issue for me, but our job involves traveling all around SC four days a week. Her being late means that we all start late and come home late. Nobody can bring the issue up though because then our new boss will scrutinize our every moment of the day for time- grrrr!

Then there's the fact that she is just plain rude sometimes. Some of the facilities we visit will offer us refreshments (such as drinks and/or snacks if they have a kitchen on site), and she has come to expect this wherever we go. Sometimes she will flat out say (in a semi-joking tone) things like, "Geez, you could have offered us some ____," "I'll take a burger (knowing full well that we are not allowed to accept meals)," or "I thought you were going to keep us waiting her till dinner..." It puts the facilities in a really awkward position as well as her co-workers. As a new person it's not my place to tell her not to do these things, but I really hope someone puts a stop to it soon!
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Omg Doodlebug, how do you even deal with those people without killing them?!

Becky, the proud momma of:
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She doesn't. The bodies are piling up.
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