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Tom Cat
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Yes, I remember my two female guinea pigs very well. They both lived only 5 years and they were so adorable. They were named Jackie and Pudgie:

Jackie is the darker one. I miss them still.

A cat can purr its way out of anything.- Donna McCrohan

"Happy is the home with at least one cat" - Italian Proverb

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Wow, this type of thread makes me feel bad. I have had so many small mice and goldfish I cannot remember them all. I remember most of my pet mice though. I remember all of my hamsters. All of the cats we had (But not the kittens my female used to have bc my parents didn't want to invest in the cost of a spay) and most of the dogs we had (though none were for the full lifespan except one). I remember my last tank of fish had 2 blue gourami's, 3 rosy barbs, a male betta and 2 cory doras. When I wanted to get rid of the tank I gave them all (excpet the betta who died) to my sister. I was sad to see them go but I was glad I could still see them. They have all since passed but it did not affect me.
May 2011 my bf and I bought a betta. Lakitu was our first together-pet. We were supposed to take equal care of it but it ended up in my care since I did the research on him and took interest in upgrading his life. Lakitu died last January from osmosis shock when I introduced too many things to the tank at once, including ghost shrimp. One shrimp died the first night and I didn't see it so the ammonia shocked Lakitu. He died a week later after much fretting and medication. We were both sad to see Lakitu go and while I did not cry like I cried for my dog Lakitu sparked a real hobby in me which I did not know I had. He changed my outlook on such "petty" things like fish, they have such complex individual personalities!

My cat does not care for my current bettas, nor they for him. I will always keep betta fish though because of Lakitu.
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My 1st pets were 2 hermit crabs. Freddy,and Freda.

Plus,when I was a kid,there were SO many critters running around, cardinals blue jays,SQUIRELLS!

There was a chipmunk that lived in a hole in our patio. I named him Chippy.
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Some of them. My first pet was a gold fish, I think, when I was about 5. I had a ton of mice when I was young (when I was about 6-12 years old?), I only named about 5 of them, I was upset at their deaths... I know I had a hamster (when I was 13-15 years old?), he was cute, it was sad when he died. My dad stayed with him all night when he died. I had a fair number of fish when I was a teenager but most I don't remember, hardly any had a name, a lot looked identical.

I find their loss is completely incomparable to a cat or dog though, with those animals I may be upset for a while, I may have cried for a few of them, but I don't really remember their personality and they don't leave me feeling such a loss when they're gone compared to a loved cat or dog's death, which stays with me forever. Dogs and cats are far more apart of my life. My first cat died when I was 8 (he was only three), I remember crying all day long, I remember yelling at my family for not trying to save him (there weren't really any options, but I didn't see it that way). I remember it all so well, in fact I remember his death more than his life. I can't say the same for the death of any other pet when I was younger. So yes, cats and dogs leave more of a mark.

Along with the dogs Tara and Coco.
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Your post made me cry. I had a freshwater angelfish that I called Little Grey. She had some issues when I got her but she pulled through. I thought she was beautiful. She was a tiny thing but she got huge! She finally died of old age but I still think about her. And my guinea pigs! Oh I do miss those little guys. They used to be so entertaining and they loved to cuddle and chortle their little hearts out. They all had distinctive personalities including the fish. If you watch your "lesser pets" ( for lack of a better word) they are as charming, amusing, even loving as the other ones like dogs and cats. I have been blessed by those little critters. And I did not even mention Scorpy the little gecko we found once out in the cold. That little thing had attitude!
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Ya, its different kind of interaction, but fishes, especially discuses, if we care enough to spend time to observe them, each of them have their own unique personalities. We had one stupid giant female discus we called Big Female, one timid and silly giant male we called Big Male, both giant sized, but no brains, lol. We also had one that was very selfish, only care for himself, we called Little Master. many of them, each with different personalities. We have so many discuses and breed them, a friend called me Discus Granny. Occasionally, when I think of Ruscal, it still bring on tears, and much sweet memories.

We also had and still have goldfishes, but not much impression, cos goldfish have no personalities, they are one whole lot of Happy-Go-Lucky fishes, eat and eat only, but they sure brighten one's day. As for angel fish, so far, we only had 2, pretty naughty and stuck-up, no name. We also breed albino bristlenoses, we recognise some of them by the tanks #, cos they all look alike, hard to tell them apart if we were to put them all together.

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I just remembered I did a video of Ruscal's offsprings. Enjoy

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Another video of my Red White Daddy watching over his fries. Another great daddy, but too bad they had such bad mommy who ate most of them and these are the few leftovers that were protected by daddy. Had to remove mommy otherwise, they will end up being eaten too.

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And these are my albino bristlenose juvies.

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Originally Posted by Arianwen View Post
So many - I had goldfish to whom I poured out my troubles (and I still remember their names) - a pet toad I loved to bits and who would come when I called (even though I know they are deaf) - hedgehogs, my much, much beloved jackdaws, hamsters, rabbits and loads of others - even foxes and a bat.

Sounds fun Ari! Did you grow up on the Moors?
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