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Tom Cat
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Default Do you watch tv shows?

Ever since I was in college I have come to LOVE tv. I love plot lines, I love how the stories go I get invested in characters and I just truly enjoy zoning out.

Every season I have about 20ish shows I watch. Some are new and some have been on for years. This season I didn't find too many shows that I love (I tried The Mindy Project, just wasn't into it.) Here is a list of the shows I watch this season. I would love some input on them, or suggestions for new shows to watch.

I only have Hulu+ and Netflix, no cable, so I am stuck with shows that are only on Hulu+.

(No Particular order)

The Office
Up All Night
30 Rock
New Girl
South Park
Saturday Night Live
The Cleveland Show
American Dad
Once Upon a Time
Family Guy
Don't Trust the B In Apt 23
Ben and Kate
The New Normal
Bob's Burgers
Happy Endings
Parks and Rec
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

What are your favorite shows? Do you like any of mine? Right now I am watching last weeks episode of Bones.
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Cat Addict
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A few series I've gone over to a friends to watch the DVD series... the rest I download. We also have whatever it's called (PVR?) that allows you to record TV and pause live TV -- which is handy to pause for ~15 minutes and then fast forward through all commercials -- but anyway I don't watch all that much on TV, nothing with commercials.

Out of your list of TV series I've watched a South Park and Family Guy and I've given Once Upon a Time a whirl, which wasn't bad but I'm still somewhere in the first season. I've wanted to check out It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia but haven't done so yet...

So yeah, TV series I watch(ed) and enjoyed:

The Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
The Pillars of the Earth
Breaking Bad
Six Feet Under
Dexter (only first two seasons)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Angel (only the first season)
Lost (saw about 4 seasons of it)
True Blood (haven't seen the most recent season, don't really know how great I consider it, but it's entertainment)
Dead Like Me
The Lost Room
Downton Abbey (only first two seasons, got too soap operaish for me)
Prison Break (I lost track of it somewhere around season two)
Northern Exposure
The Killing (only seen the first season but intend to finish it)

... the majority of those are miniseries and/or not standalone episode formats. We probably have a different taste in TV shows. I also used to watch all the Star Treks and some Law and Orders, and other things I can't recall now, but their details are so foggy to me now that I won't list them, they were more often "oh, it's on tv... I'll watch it".

I'd encourage everyone to watch Game of Thrones... even my almost 91 year old grandfather is glued to it! And believe me, he hardly watches anything. I haven't met someone that disliked it; entire family and my friends all like it. Right now I'm putting on the last disc of Game of Thrones for my grandfather to finish watching season two. The new season is starting next month.

Along with the dogs Tara and Coco.

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Jr. Cat
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We only have Netflix, Hulu+, and Amazon On Demand so we have to wait for things to become available so these are my favourites (in no particular order).

Raising Hope (Watching it now).
New Girl
Once Upon a Time
Bob's Burgers
How I Met Your Mother
Parks and Recreation
American Horror Story
Doctor Who
Mad Men
Game of Thrones
True Blood

Past favourites include (in no particular order): Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, Battlestar Galactica, Six Feet Under, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and Samurai Champloo.
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Senior Cat
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My favorites are on Netflix:

Vampire Diaries (Damon Salvatore is to DIE for )
The Adventures of Merlin (Nerdy but I totally love it)
The Walking Dead
One Tree Hill
Gossip Girl (LOVE Chuck Bass)
Teen Wolf
Army Wives
And my ALL time favorite... Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Godzilla & Mr. Skeeter
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Premier Cat
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My husband loves Walking Dead for some reason. Personally, I have not found any TV shows that interest me in the past 20+ years. I am addicted to documentaries and some of the BBC shows on Netflix. I just finished watching Bleak House (based on a Charles Dickens novel set in late 1700's). Watched it TWICE, I loved it so much!!
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We have cable, no netflix or anything

Pretty Little Liars
Vampire Diaries
Doctor Who
Downton Abbey
Once Upon a Time

Those are the only ones that I feel as if I need to watch
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Cat Addict
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Slight aside - a lot of my friends have been in extras in both Dr. Who and Merlin because they are filmed fairly close to me.
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Tom Cat
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Originally Posted by Arianwen View Post
Slight aside - a lot of my friends have been in extras in both Dr. Who and Merlin because they are filmed fairly close to me.
How neat!

My boyfriend and I were both extras in the Dark Knight Rises.

It was a great experience. I would love to do it again. I live in LA now, so I am sure it would be fairly easy.
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Tom Cat
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I love Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and American Horror Story!

Cannot wait for the new season of GoT. I am reading the books right now.
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Premier Cat
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Honestly, of all of the TV shows everyone's named, I've watched: South Park, SNL, Northern Exposure and all versions of Star Trek, including the original.

I'm addicted to forensic-type shows and what I think are called police procedurals. And some comedies. I don't watch TV much anymore because of my hours, but over the past 20 years or so:

CSI (before everyone left, and only the original)
Burn Notice (very quirky USA network series that's on now)
Twin Peaks
Everybody Loves Raymond

Frasier and Homicide are to me, hands down, the two most well-written TV shows I've ever watched, because the dialogue sounds so absolutely natural and cliche-free.
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