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Default Chicken broth

Is storebought alright for the cat to have, or do I need a home-made recipe? If I do, I'd apreciate it if someone had one and would share it with me. Thanks.
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Default Store Bought Car Food

The only store bought cat food that I buy for my cats is NutroProducts. All of the other store bought foods contain animal by products such as beaks, feathers, fur and bones that have been gelled down to a pulp. If the pet food lists meat and meat by products, then it is generally meat bought from companies that pick up dead animals from the SPCA's and vets that have been euthanized. In other words, if it says meat instead of telling you exactly what kind of meat, then you are feeding your cat somebody else's dead pet. The only pet food that I have found that does not do this is NutroProducts. In my opinion, table scraps are better for your pet than what most pet foods put in their food.
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Now would u recomend tuna in a can then average pet foods? For i am currently feeding my cat companian dry cat food.
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If you mean real tuna for people, don't even start. You'll have a hard time getting your cat to eat ANYTHING else! I made this mistake and it was a very long process to break her of her tuna addiction. She cried for tuna even when she wasn't hungry. My cute, addorable, little tuna-ho!

9 Lives carries tuna with cheese bits and tuna with egg bits that she LOVES. It's 95% tuna, and it's the first ingredient listed on the can - and it's not a pull-tab, you have to use a can-opener, which I recently read makes a difference, not sure why.
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Originally Posted by marie73
you have to use a can-opener, which I recently read makes a difference, not sure why.
when u say make a differance do u mean in a good way or a bad way. also y would u need to take a cat of human tuna food?i ask that because i wasnt sure if our tuna is to salty for cats. run run
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The title of this forum is "Chicken Broth." Don't buy storebought chicken broth, it contains onion powder and onions are toxic to cats. I don't have any nutritionally balanced recipes but if you want to give your cat a special treat with chicken broth, simply boil a chicken or a a piece of chicken that contains fat, bone, blood, anything that would make a natural chicken broth if you boil it a long time. Then cut up the cooked chicken(do not feed the bones!!!) and pour a generous amount of the chicken broth over the chicken. Your cat will love it. Just feed it as a special treat once in a while.
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If you're going to give your cat chicken broth, make sure that it doesn't contain monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavor enhancer that can cause headaches in humans, and maybe cats too. Not to mention, it's high in sodium.
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Default Re: Chicken broth

I made chicken broth from water and chicken carcass/wings/necks.

I first removed the skin (except for the wings) and as much fat as I can. Fill a deep pot with water to 4/5 depth of the pot. Submerge the chicken carcass/wings/necks completely in water and bring it to a boil. Once boiling, lower the flame and let it simmer for 30min to 1 hour.

Remember to get rid of impurities that form the whitish/grayish skim on the water surface using a spoon. These are traces of blood, and other impurities found in the carcass/wings/necks. By getting rid of the skim, you'll get clean broth.

Strain the broth and set aside the carcass/wings/necks. You may use the meat from the carcass/necks/wings to feed your cat. I'll throw back the carcass in the broth to get richer stock as I reheat it in the future.

The broth will be reduced to about 2/3 depth of the pot. Let it cool and refrigerate it for about an hour to overnight. Remove the pot from the fridge and remove the hardened white chicken fat floating on the surface of the broth.

Heat the broth and it's ready to be used.

If you want to make huge quantity, filled ice cube trays with the broth and refrigerate. Empty the frozen cubes of broth in a container and use the appropriate number of cubes you need per meal.

NB: repeat the steps above if you want beef/fish broth.
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