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Tibbers has been doing very very well since I brought him in. He behaves like a normal cat now for the most part. He sits on my lap sometimes and is okay with being held and carried. I don't even have a hard time clipping his nails! Luckily, he stopped lashing out at me and will actually bat my hand away (without using claws) when he's annoyed as opposed to his previous habit of scratching without warning.

Tibs is also allowed full access to the apartment now. He stays in my room usually though, which is fine with me. He is a little uncomfortable with my roommates or strangers, but that's also okay with me. I feel like we have a special bond since he trusts me much more than anyone else.

The only thing he does differently than the other cats I've had is that he's much more reclusive. He spends most of the day sleeping under my bed but he doesn't seem to do it out of fear. I think he just likes the solitude of it. He comes out to visit me throughout the day though!

OH MAN one more thing. Tibbers is ABSOLUTELY in love with the other cat we have here. He will follow her around and always trys to sit with her. She and him are definitely friends now, but she doesn't share the same admiration that he does for her. It's cute to watch him endlessly seeking her approval though!

Here's some recent pictures:

Thanks again for all the help and support you guys. I would have given up a long time ago if it wasn't for all of your kind words!
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beautiful pictures!!!, and wow is he doing great!!!!
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Yay, so happy for Tibs! And beautiful photos!

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Tom Cat
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So cute! Is that kitty popping up out of the sink in the first one? I love it when they get in the sink. Tibbers is looking great, very handsome.

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What a great update! Tibbers is gorgeous!
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Hey guys,

I'm back with another question for you all. Tibs is still doing well, he's healthier now and is very cuddly and happy. However, maybe 3 weeks ago, he started peeing on my roommates bed. I thought it was just because she had piles of clothes on her bed and he liked the feel of them, but after cleaning everything, he just peed on the bed again. We used an enzyme cleaner and steam cleaned the mattress, so it was a thorough cleaning.

I'm pretty sure that it's territorial urination. He only pees on the spot that my roommates cat sleeps on. The two get along fine though so it seems odd. I don't think it's a medical thing, there's no blood in his urine and he drinks a lot of water. He also doesn't strain in the litterbox or anything. He got a clean bill of health from the vet last time I took him in, which was a few days before the peeing started, so I;m pretty sure it isn't medical.

The only options I've been able to think of to stop it though are preventative measures and I'm worried that he'll start back at it whenever he gets an opportunity. Do you think that covering my roommates bed with a tarp when it's not in use would help? I've considered those motion detector things that will make noise when cats are near to deter them, but my roommate's cat sleeps there so I don't want to upset her. Besides that, I'm not sure what else I can do to curb the situation quickly. I've been feeding him his meals on a tray on the bed and have been considering confining him to the bathroom for awhile until he builds up a better relationship with his litter box.

Does anyone have any advice for me? I really don't want to have to replace the mattress or continually wash my roommates bedding, but I'm not sure what the best route to take is.

Thanks in advance!

Also sorry if this isn't the best place to post this, but I figure urinating inside is a common ex-stray problem and I already had this post going, so hopefully it's ok!
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Matrix is my little rescue from the outside world.

His previous owners moved here from (I think) Indiana. He spent the entire first 10 years of his life outside.
They were used to him feeding himself (probably not too difficult for a farm cat), but it can be a bit more challenging in Mesa suburbs.

Long story short, I stole him and brought him inside and he is one HAPPY kitty. He likes sitting on the windowsill, but spends most of his day sleeping, considering I won't let him steal ALL my blankets at night.

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Hmm. There are plug in diffusers which emit a hormonal scent or something to calm cats down from anxiety or depression. The enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle should help with cleaning.

I know what you're going through, but with me it was a 13-14 year old dog who pooped on my roommates bed o-o

Maybe with the kitty it's territorial but I don't know enough about cat behavior. Has he been neutered yet? I know you stated that he was, but maybe his testicles just hadn't dropped at that point. I don't know.

Let me just say though. He's one lucky cat! He's adorable. Cats are never happier long term outside. Ferals are a different story, but with disease and a fractioned life span and all the dangers, I doubt they're really that happy outside.
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It's probably territorial. I find it can help to make the "favoured" area impossible to wee on (hard on a bed but placing something that blocks the cat but could be easily moved works) - sometimes it just a case of breaking what has become a habit.
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What a sweet kitten! Frankly, I think all cats enjoy the outside, but I think they can all get used to being indoor cats. At 4 months old, he is fairly "trainable" to your lifestyle.
Since you were able to handle him, I wonder if he was simply dumped.
If he has been neutered, someone knew enough to do that, thankfully.
We had a feral cat spray our home in WI; we caught him and had him fixed and he never left (of his own choosing). He refused to let us touch him till I continued to feed him and slowly sing-song to him each time I put the plate down. He finally let me touch him. We moved and he came with us (and the other 2) and he won't leave our side.
Sometimes I think people don't understand that animals bond and tossing them out because it is "convenient" is just cruel.
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