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Marcia.. I still haven't figured out if its a male or female yet. Still working on that.

Just had an absolutely HORRIBLE experience. WOW. I am just SICK about what just happened. Several people told me I should give the cat some CATNIP as a treat. They said it was an "herb" that cats enjoy. I SHOULD HAVE RESEARCHED THIS MORE, but sometimes I trust people. I put a little bit on his dish. The reaction that it caused in him was absolutely frightening. Here I am, trying to gain the trust of this poor creature.. He TRUSTS me. He trusts the food I put in front of him. He trusts that I'm not going to DRUG HIM with some HORRIBLE SUBSTANCE that makes him completely lose control of his body and mind.

Here's what I think -- I think CATNIP should be BANNED. I think it's a DRUG that gets into a cats nervous system and causes the same type of reactions as crack cocaine or speed would cause on us. It is NOT normal. It is NOT just a pleasant food that they enjoy. I stood there in horror and watched this poor thing roll around on the ground, probably hallucinating, out of control. And I have only one question -- WHY WOULD SOMEONE AT A PET STORE TELL ME TO FEED THIS TO MY CAT????? Are you kidding me??

Sorry for the rant, but I am flabbergasted. Needless to say, no more catnip. PLEASE REMOVE IT FROM THE SHELVES!! Or put a large WARNING on it. I hope I have not lost the trust of this cat. If I were him, I would run as far away as I can get, and never come back.
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Oh my goodness, that is one gorgeous cat, absolutely stunning!

Everyone here has given you some great advice on strays and the like, I live in a pretty close knit area so most of the outdoor cats, we know who owns them, so I don't have much experience with strays or feral cats, but I can tell you people are right when they say a cats first instinct is to scratch when they feel threatened. Even our last girl who was declawed would swat with her paws before she would try to bite if she wasn't feeling the best. I find cats tend to bite more when they're trying to play, at which point they don't tend to use their claws, they just sort of bat at you with the claws sheathed.

Also on the note of catnip, don't worry overly about it, the kitty was probably enjoying itself.

Catnip and Catnip Affects FAQ
Catnip - Everything You Need to Know About Catnip! | General Cat Articles

There's some FAQ's on catnip and the psychological effects it causes, it generally isn't harmful to them as far as I know, and they quite enjoy the smell and taste of it. A lot of people tend to use catnip to help teach their cat what they can scratch and stuff, that's how we got our boy using his scratching post.

I mean, in terms of catnip, I could be wrong as I haven't gone into great detail as to the causes that can come from eating it since we don't put it in his food, but I'm sure that as long as you don't use a lot it should be fine.
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Ummm... I think you need to do a little research on catnip. It is a herb, it's related to mint, and it's totally safe. Some cats don't even react to it... others - I'd say the majority - go quite funny on it, like you described. Some cats eat it, too, and like I said, it's totally safe.

A cat rolling around is just a cat having fun for a few minutes, it's not something I'd give every day but it's something they enjoy... where's the harm? There aren't any side effects. Catnip started growing in our front yard as a volunteer and our cat can occasionally be found having a little fun in the flowerbed.

I also found it helped relax the semi-feral I'm trying to tame; he'd be going berserk on me at first growling and hissing, but I'd throw him some catnip and he'd settle down, win-win for both of us, as him being that worked up wasn't helping either of us.

And it is often suggested to help cats learn where to scratch, it's a great tool when sprinkled on a scratching post that will guide them to it instead of your furniture.

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I love seeing my girls high on nip, it truly cracks me up. They go a little nuts at first, but then they mellow out. Relaxed bratz.

Cali, Cinderella, Cleo and Charlee

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Did he look something like this?

Originally Posted by Newbie222 View Post
I hope I have not lost the trust of this cat. If I were him, I would run as far away as I can get, and never come back.
Quite the opposite - you've probably made a friend for life.

I've never thought about how creepy a cat on catnip must appear to someone who's never seen it before. Rolling around on the ground and looking zoned out is a normal reaction to catnip - it's why kitties love the stuff. One of my cats eats it and gets mellow. The other prefers to roll around in it and then she gets feisty and wants to play. The effects seem to wear off after a few minutes, but I would definitely suggest that you don't put your hands within reach of his paws for those few minutes.
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Oh, no, don't get it banned! It's one of the only things that truly gets my old cats actually moving!! Two just love it, but the effects wear off in a few minutes. I really don't think you need to worry about it. I really hope you can keep this furbaby. Oftentimes strays make the BEST pets. It really is a gorgeous animal, too. As far as determining the sex: gently pick up the back end (again use gloves if you want) and look. Unfixed males will be obvious. Females have their vagina that is very close to their anus (within 1/2") . Almost looks like two anus'. If you do not see either obvious signs of testicles or a "double" anus look, then it's probably a fixed male. Hope this helps....of course a lot of fur may mask the entire sight.

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