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Default Teeth - What Do Your Cats Look Like?

Chester and Haddie's teeth - some of the pictures are from tonight, others from a few months ago. How are your cats teeth looking on a raw diet?

note: its upside down...

I was wondering what is with Allie's tooth (the dark stripe on it)? Her front tooth was like this when I got her, they are now just quite a bit cleaner:

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Default Re: Teeth - What Do Your Cats Look Like?

My kitties didn't like your suggestion.

My oldest is 6. Was on dry food for about four years.

Next oldest is 5. Dry for about 3 years. His are not as clean. Its the same old story everyday. He thinks he can swallow the chicken neck whole. But 9 times out of 10 they get stuck and he throws it back up. then he will slice it in half and swallow. So he doesn't chew much.

Next is about 3. His are the worst. I think he ate dry for about a year or a little more. They were about three times as bad as they are now. He doesn't chew much either. they are getting there.

Last is my 1.5 year old. was on raw from day one. Well when it was appropriate to move off of mothers milk. Though a few too many times I have forgotten to lock the bread up and he decides to help himself to half of it. Talk about nasty poo.

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Default Re: Teeth - What Do Your Cats Look Like?

I'll try to ge some pix -- won't be easy w/out assistance, esp. w/ Lincoln!! All mine have lovely shiny white teeth now (a year ago Lincoln, at 11, was about to need a dental, but no longer!).
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Default Re: Teeth - What Do Your Cats Look Like?

Not the best picture, but this is my FIFTEEN year old cat after only about 2yrs on raw. He'd been only on kibble for 11 of those years, a mix of kibble and canned for the last few before raw.

Will try and get some better ones and of the other cats tonight if the SO can help.
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Default Re: Teeth - What Do Your Cats Look Like?

I'll try and get pictures later, but I wanted to comment on furryfriends251's Allie; My Muffin has a similar line on one of his canines as well. I think he took on a bone that was too big when he was younger and it scratched his tooth. It doesn't seem to bug him, and it hasn't gotten any worse. I'm not too concerned, esp since the vet didn't even notice his!

I would just watch, if it's bugging her then i'd start worrying.

Becky and the cats: Jitzu (9), Torri (6), Doran (5), and Muffin (5)
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