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Default What does your menu look like?

Hi, all!

I've been doing a lot of browsing today and I got to thinking (no wisecracks, now!) - why not pull together a thread of menus?!

Everyone post what you feed, how much, and when. Maybe you could include how much your kitty weighs and/or why you made the specific choices you did?

Wouldn't that be a great resource for folks who are new to raw?

Below is my weekly "frankenprey" menu (if you've seen mine before - this is the new and improved version!). I have six cats on raw, ranging from Heather, a demure 9 pounds even, to Meghan, my always-on-the-verge-of-being chunky girl, who weighs just under 12 pounds; their combined total weight is right around 63 pounds.

In all cases where a set amount is divided between all six cats, thinner cats will get slightly more than fatter cats.

Twelve ounces of each of the following is divided between all six.

Monday: Whole chicken hearts

Tuesday & Saturday: Beef Round or Stew Meat chunks.

Wednesday: Whole Duck Hearts.

Thursday & Sunday: Pork Loin Chunks.

Friday: Whole Turkey Hearts.

Monday & Saturday: Three pieces of Chicken Wing each, except Heather, who gets two. I use only the wing tips and the middle pieces and I cut the middle pieces in half between the two bones (not across them).

Tuesday & Friday: 1oz of Chicken or Beef Liver and 1oz of Chicken Gizzards for every cat except Heather, who gets only 3/4s of an ounce of the liver. I feed the liver first and when it's gone, feed the gizzards.

Wednesday: Four Chicken Breasts-with-Rib Halves divided between them (I remove about 3/4s of the meat first).

Sunday & Thursday: 1oz of Beef Kidney and 1oz of Chicken Breast for every cat except Heather, who gets only 3/4s of an ounce of the kidney. I feed the kidney first and when it's gone, feed the gizzards.

One cat, Ralph, throws up organ meats when they are fed alone. For him only, I chop the organs and the accompanying meat and mix them thoroughly before I give it to him.

Monday: 12oz of Chicken Breast chunks is divided between them.

Thursday & Saturday: All the meat from a skinned Chicken Quarter is divided between them.

Tuesday and Friday: 12oz of Rabbit chunks is divided between them.

Wednesday & Sunday: All the meat from a Turkey Drumstick is divided between them.

Once a week, I dump two or three dozen crickets in the tub and let the cats pick them off as they wish and every weekend, they each get about 3/4 of a wild-caught, packed-in-water sardine. Every now and again I'll drizzle eggs over their food and once in a blue moon I'll bring home something unusual - bison meat or quail, for instance - to add a bit of variety.

In this menu, no single item is fed more than twice a week.

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First off, I am feeding "frankenprey" style raw.

I am feeding 18 cats a raw diet - soon to be 22 cats. One of them has a seperate menu from everyone else because he has specific likes/dislikes and eats twice as much! The rest split 3 lbs of raw between them a day. I don't measure the amounts of organs anymore and instead just eyeball the amounts. It works for us!

The 17 cats who share the 3 lbs of meat a day would probably have a combined wieght of 180 lbs.

I'll get whatever meat is on sale for $2 or less. So the cuts of beef and pork vary a lot. Beef can be anything from something like 7-Bone Steak's (which is one of the cheapest cuts available here) to New York Steak. The cuts of pork will vary that much as well.

I feed 2 lbs of plain unflavored yogurt every other week. That is just a personal choice and works best for my cats. A lot of mine have a problem with feline herpes and getting the yogurt will help get rid of their symptoms.

The meals of egg + ground beef or yogurt + ground beef: The entire meal in those cases is about 4 lbs, half of which would be the yogurt or egg and half of which is the ground beef. For the meals with egg I will cook the white but leave the yolk raw.

Also, I feed once a day, which is not ideal. However the farm cats who are getting the raw have eaten once a day for nearly their entire lives. They are just used to eating that often - if I try feed an hour early they aren't hungry.

So, here is the rest of my menu for the month:

August 15:
Chicken breast/ribs, beef liver
Rajah: Beef, beef liver

August 16:
Turkey Drumstick Meat, Beef Kidney
Rajah: Lamb Heart, Beef Kidney

August 17:
Rajah: Cornish Game Hen

August 18:
Chicken Necks, Beef Liver
Rajah: Pork, Chicken Giblets

August 19:
Beef, Beef Kidney
Rajah: Beef, Beef Kidney

August 20:
Chicken Giblets/Hearts
Rajah: Turkey Drumstick Meat

August 21:
Chicken Necks, Beef Liver
Rajah: Chicken Neck, Beef Liver

August 22:
Beef Heart, Beef Kidney
Rajah: Lamb Heart, Beef Kidney

August 23:
Egg + Ground Beef
Rajah: Beef

August 24:
Chicken Necks, Beef Liver
Rajah: Cornish Game Hen, Beef Liver

August 25:
Turkey Drumstick Meat, Beef Kidney
Rajah: Chicken Giblets, Pork, Beef Kidney

August 26:
Rajah: Turkey

August 27:
Chicken Necks, Chicken Liver
Rajah: Chicken Necks, Chicken Liver

August 28:
Beef, Beef Kidney
Rajah: Beef, Beef Kidney

August 29:
Chicken Giblets/Heart
Rajah: Lamb Heart

August 30:
Chicken Drumsticks, Beef Liver
Rajah: Cornish Game Hen, Beef Liver

August 31:
Yogurt + Ground Pork, Sweetbreads
Rajah: Turkey, Sweetbreads

I feed each cat a sardine (packed in water w/ no salt added) a week. However I am considering using raw smelt instead. At least I think it is called smelt...

Mine have some wierd tastes as well and enjoy eating fish oil capsules which I will give as a treat once or twice a week.

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Wow, you all have so many kitties and such fancy menu plans! Lucky cats!!

Gracie gets two meals a day of about an ounce each - one raw meal, and one canned. She weighs nine pounds, but her body type is cobby so she tends to put on weight on very easily. When she gets just two ounces per day, she can get an occasional treat without it going straight to her waist .

For her raw food, I use poultry: a pound or two at a time of whole quails, organic dark chicken meat or turkey pieces, plus organic chicken or beef liver. If I could find it, I would love to include fresh duck or even venison, but I haven't been able to locate any at the butchers. I use a mix called Instincts (from Feline Future, online) that I add to the meat so that she gets the taurine, vitamins, minerals etc. that she needs. I usually make and freeze one or two pounds of her raw meals at a time - using an ice cube tray to make portions. Two pounds makes a month of meals.

For her canned meals, we give her the organic chicken or turkey flavors from By Nature, or Evo 95% venison or duck, sometimes Before Grain quail (with taurine and bone meal added in).

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Mine is different. I do not have a menu, I just make a mixture of balanced food and scoop them to my cats each meal.

I have Cheetah, the picky eater, 8.91lbs as 2 weeks ago, probably is 9 lbs now. Panther, the eater, I think he is 11 lbs, he is so healthy he hasn't been to the vet for a long time. (We will probably weight them again soon) Panther is allergic to beef and lamb.

They just reached 1 yr old last week. So it is about time to measure their diet.

So I started raw feeding when they were 4 months old. As kittens, they should eat as much as they want, so I want to make sure every scoop of food I give them is balanced, so I don't have to worry how much meat they eat today and what I have to make up in the next meal/day.

I use quail as my source of bone. I use chicken, turkey, pork, rabbit and hearts as meat; chicken, turkey, duck, pork liver; kidney, brain as organ. I chop liver and organs very fine. I cut quail and meat into 1/2" chunks. I mix them well and freeze in different labelled containers. I will have different meats in the frezer all the time and they get to change their meat every 2-3 days. Sometimes I throw a chicken neck or wing for snacks. But usually Panther is the one eating it, Cheetah won't. I will add some fish oil to their meat a few times a week. I tried adding calcium and nutrition supplements, but they won't touch it. I also get some commercial raw so they get different taste.

Okay, things have to change. Cheetah was really picky and was not eating a lot. The vet said he was waiting for something better. So the vet suggested me to give him the same food for at least 3 weeks. So now he is having Feline's Pride commercial raw, it has been 12 days already.

Now, I am planning to give them the same meat/mixture for 2/3 weeks and then change to another meat and feed 2/3 weeks. Cutting the pieces larger. Hoping we will get them to eat a chicken drumstick later on.
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I prefer for my cats to receive muscle meat, organs, and bones in reasonably balanced proportions every day, and I like to feed as wide a variety of meats and organs as possible, so every day the offerings change. As a general rule, though, every day, each cat gets 1/4 of a chicken neck, a very small piece of liver (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, deer, whatever), and a very small piece of some other type of secreting organ (typically either kidney or spleen - occasionally testicle). The rest of the meal is filled out with whatever muscle meat I happen to pull out of the freezer (beef, pork, some type of game, poultry, buffalo, etc.). I also feed an ounce or less of fish to each cat maybe once every week or two if I have it on hand.

Variety is the spice of life, and it's the best way to insure a nutritionally balanced raw diet.

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Just wondering why would you feed cats crickets???


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Insects are a great source of taurine and, presumably, other stuff, and adding them to a kitty's diet is a neat way to get a little more variety in.

The real reason I do it, though, is 'cause they absolutely love hunting the crickets. If I don't open the bag of bugs fast enough, I've got a cat or three attempting to help me. It's wonderful stimulation for them and pretty entertaining for me. *chuckle*

Some great stuff here! And not one of our menus matches another!
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Our meals are never really 'planned' other than bone every other/third day -- organ once a week -- fish once a week w/suppliments.

We also feed a lot of beef heart/pork heart since it's cheapest and throw in other items for variety. Added to this, is that we do feed whole prey (mice/ASF rats/quail).

Rough schedule:

Beef heart
beef heart

Quail (1/4 -boney)
beef heart

ASF (covered in heart blood or liver blood)

organ (one week liver, one week kidney/spleen/testies)
quail (1/4-boney)

pork heart
ASF (covered in heart/liver blood)

2 cans sardines (spread between 5 cats & two dogs- mixed with L-Lysine/joint health suppliment/more fish oil for sure and sometimes we add taurine (good for healing sores and makes mom feel better) & if someone has a tummy upset we add Slippery Elm).

turkey or chicken
rabbit or venison/game

Some days the variety is less than others for the meatymeat because pork or beef heart was on sale. *shrugs* Other times, they eat mostly wild game if it's a good hunting week. Everyone here is always very excited come dinner time! Well, that's a lie. The cats are always less than impressed when it's LAMB for dinner.. silly children. Don't they know how EXPENSIVE that stuff is?

Also, as much as we feed heart - they never tire of that stuff. Ever.

We also do crickets in the tub at least once a month! Love cricket day! I have a thread here somewhere about what happens on cricket day.
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Hmm, gonna have to try feed crickets sometime. I'll just need to figure out a good way to go about it A quick google search and it looks like a cricket can jump 27 inches...I think there are some large tubs/containers at the farm taller than that. Although the cats would love it I don't want to end up with crickets all over the strawmow! The cats up there already have a short enough attention span...
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I like this thread because I can get some critique on my menu. It varies depending on what I have. This is what it consists of this week:

If I feed mice (I only have baby mice right now), I feed two with some beef stew meat to total 2 oz altogether (she eats 4 oz a day). Then the next meal will be either chicken hearts and a small amount of chicken liver or just more beef stew meat and chicken hearts.

The days she doesn't get mice she gets beef stew meat with chicken liver and beef stew meat and chicken hearts.

I do every third meal with mice so these meals aren't set as breakfast or dinner, just wherever they happen to fall.

I'm going to the store by the end of the week to buy bigger mice (she has no problem eating ones with fur, it's just a matter of getting older ones now). I've been wondering if I should be adding something like kidney or if the mice organs will supplement that. Same with bones. Should I be adding more bones to the meals she doesn't eat the mice?

Suggestions? Thanks!
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