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Only feed raw to cats/dogs older than a year old?

When I am promoting raw feeding, a couple of people (a dog owner and a cat owner) said their vets (different vet) told them they should only feed their cat/dog raw after 1 year old. They said this is because their immunity system will be more mature at 1 year old.

The cat owner said her cat of 3 months had running poops from the last shot, and she wants to keep him on stable food (Royal Canin dry and canned) for now to stable his stomach. She wants to transition him to raw some time later (at 1 year old according to her vet). To me, why do you want to keep a cat on bad food to get him used to it, so his stomach is stable???

Anyone knows where this 1 year theory comes from?

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Tom Cat
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i think waiting a year is silly. After being weaned, wild kittens eat what mom eats -- although I just had a weird image of mom producing kibble for the first year - not sure where that would come out of...

So many vets speak against raw altogether so while the 1 year things seems weird and counterproductive, it's probably better than what most vets are recommending these days!

It honestly sounds to me like they want the immune system to mature to handle potential bacteria in raw food - this seems like the most likely (false) explanation -- sort of how our human doctors recommend against shellfish for small children - I know that this isn't bacteria related, but it's not without precedent.
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Most vets know absolutely nothing about raw feeding and very little about nutrition period. Keep in mind that the pet food companies (esp. Hills (Science Diet) and Royal Canin and the like) are responsible for most of the training vets get on the topic!

My Jonah was orphaned at 3-4 weeks. I weaned him directly to raw mice, and he is now a happy, healthy, incredibly annoying 3-year old. He has never eaten any commercial food at all.
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Jr. Cat
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if anything its better to start earlier cause when they get used to dry and canned its harder to get them to switch to raw. i just got a kitten and shes 8 weeks and i started her on raw right away. my other 2 that are older i started them on raw and i got them at 10 weeks old.

When i started making raw i told my sister about it and all the benefits from it and she wanted to put hers on raw too. well the young kitten she had took to it right away. the older cat that was around 5 yrs old wouldn't touch it. even if you mixed a tiny bit into his canned food he wouldn't touch the food. After trying for a couple months she gave up and never got him on raw.
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I got Sasha at 12 weeks. He was barely 2 lbs. I immediately began feeding him raw and EVO canned at night since I wanted him to gain some weight. He was bone thin when I got him. 9 months later, he was a healthy, lustrous, playful tom coming in at 9.5 lbs of all lean muscle. He turned out to be my biggest cat of all, but on the scale he's not really all that heavy.


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I finally got my friend to let her kitten eat raw. She is actually asking me to cat sit her kitten for 2 weeks, and so she agrees that I can let him try raw. He takes raw right away, especially chicken and turkey. Rabbit and duck are so so, but he will still eat it if you put him away from all the distractions.

Even that, my friend still insists that she wants him to be on 1/2 canned, 1/2 raw for a year, to make sure different things go into his system. No, I do not think it is making sense, and will do good for the kitten. To ensure different things going into the system, it can be different protein and brands. Anyway, he is her kitten. All I can do is suggest a better canned food (he was eating Royal Canin baby kitten) and suggest some raw.

I hope when she picks him up, she will notice the difference of his body shape and energy level when he is on raw.

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if her kitty has problem with raw she can cook meat. Most bacteria die at 240F, so she can boil meat for 10 mins and refrigerate the rest. My cat tolerates raw but I usually cook just to be on a safe side, unless he turns his "puss in boots" look on while I'm cooking, then he gets a slice raw right away And I do not feed my cat any large animals, like cow or pigs, only chicken, turkey or fish, something that he could potentially get in the wild.

Gosha - shy 5 y.o. Rasta - vicious kitten
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Mine get a mixture from the word go (for reasons I've explained elsewhere) and I have never had significant problems. I certainly don't see one year old as a magical number for diet.
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I have vowed to feed all my future cats raw from day one, or if they're older, transition them straight away. It took me six weeks with my 14 year old cat, and those six weeks were really hard, and although she will eat raw chicken and turkey now, and liver and kidney, she will not touch bone so I substitute with ground eggshell.

Why would you allow the cat to get used to commercial cat food and have to go through this when you could get them on it straight away? I guess these people have never tried to transition a cat that it addicted to junk commercial cat food. They might change their tune once they try, but my fear is that most would just give up and continue with the commercial food diet. Shame for the cats really.
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Over the years, I have taken in a lot of ferals and semi-ferals. By and large they have very adaptable digestive systems. When you think about this, the first solid food those kittens would have had would have been raw (sometimes pre-digested by an adult) and what could be easily scavenged by the mother. Even a young cat is set up by nature for raw food.
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