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Hello there!

Nice to meet you all! My name is Jason, and I have two beautiful babies whom I call Jasper and Lili.

Jasper will be 3 years old in April, and Lili is estimated to be about 10 months old. They are both oriental cats, Jasper siamese-himalayan, and Lili, unsure, but I believe she is siamese-persian. Jasper is seal point, and Lili is a Calico-seal point. Jasper was given to me by my aunt, because she could not take care of so many kittens. Lili was given to me by my step-mother-in-law, who got her from a friend. I believe she was abused by little kids. She hated being picked up when I first got her, and ran away from anyone walking near to her. Since then, she now enjoys riding on my shoulder, and will run up to me when I walk in the door after being gone all day.

Jasper has a white tip on the tip of his tail, and little white tips on his back feet, and has the softest adult kitty fur I have ever seen! He's a jerk sometimes, and yowls for our pitbull Kira, his best friend, when shes away in her house for the night. But I love his little moments when he comes up to me, purring, rubbing his face on me, begging me to cuddle him. He's also the type of kitty to yowl when the food dish is only half-empty, and to scratch on my door the rare times I decide to close it. I swear it'd only be closed for about 2 minutes before he comes up and starts scratching it! He's a total weirdo.

Lili is a new addition to our home. Shes very small, and super lovable. She loves to take naps next to me, but ONLY if my hand is touching her. She likes to grab onto my arm and pass out that way, but a hand on her belly is usually enough. She has dark points, with spots of orange and white peeking through. Shes SUPER soft, I call her my cloud kitty (others have taken to calling her 'Smush face', since she has uh.. a smushed face lol). She acts like she hates Kira, but I catch them playing together quite often. She's just a goofball overall, and will chase the laser pointer for HOURS if you let her. A big soft ball of pure energy.

They both LOVE belly rubs. And ear rubs, and all-over rubs. Lili does not like her head touched much, but Jasper does not care. They also both LOVE the comb, and my toothbrush. Lili also likes to pick up pieces of plastic that she finds, not sure where shes looking, but she'll pick them up and carry them around, dropping them when she lays down, but quickly picking them back up and running when I try to take it from her. I swear she has a little hiding spot where she dumps all of them. I once found my personal comb downstairs underneath our dining room table, only a half hour after I used it. You can guess who the culprit was. Jasper, hes a rough-housing little thing. He'll play with Kira forever, swatting at her and running away, then chasing her when she comes to find him. They love cuddling together, and cry for each other when they get bored. I once found him, inside her house, sleeping with her. Not sure how he got in, but he must have missed her a lot. He also likes to go for walks outside on his harness and leash. He likes to jump up on my car and walk around with that open-mouthed look, smelling everything he can before he gets too cold and begs to go inside.

Ah, I could talk about them forever. I love my fur babies, and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. <3
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Hi Jason! I love your descriptions of Jasper and Lili - they really give a great sense of their personalities. Now if we only had pictures we could match to the mental images...

Wow, Lili doesn't like her head being touched? Most kitties like having their heads scratched, even if they don't enjoy petting elsewhere. I had a cat who hated being touched anywhere except on her head. The individual quirks are what make kitties so fun but also so maddening sometimes.

It's so great that they love Kira too. It sounds like you've got a great little fur family!
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Sounds like we need to see a group shot, please.
Welcome to the forum.
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Of course! Here's a few of the most recent photos I have of them.

The big one is, of course, Jasper, and the small baby is Lili.

Note their size differences in the last pic! Shes probably about 4 pounds, while he weighs in anywheres between 13-14 pounds

Edit: I dont currently have any pics of them both with Kira, shes too excitable to keep still for a pic xD

Last edited by marie73; 01-07-2017 at 03:45 PM. Reason: picture is too large
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Jasper is a gorgeous cat, and I love that white tip on his tail! Lili is adorable with her smushed face and Siamese coloring - what an unusual mix!!

In that last pic, the difference in their sizes makes it look like Jasper is superimposed on the photo. He doesn't look nearly that big in the shots of just him! Such cuties.
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He really is quite big. I can't let him sleep on my chest anymore because he almost kills me!

They're both very unique, and I love it.

Also, funny, Jasper is more like his dad, and Lili is more like me, in the way we act.

Lili and I, we're both very silly, and have a slightly anxious personality. Very social, but only in the right circumstances and to the right people.

Jasper and his dad.. Picky about his food, rolls his eyes often, and uh, extreme raging hormones and awkwardly timed mating attempts xD
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When I tell my friends that my cat is being stubborn, they mutter "like mother, like daughter..."

Ooh, I hope you can resize your pics and re-post so others can see!
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