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Phineas and Phaelan are lovely! A lot will depend on what your breeder says as to whether or not the diarrhea has been a continuous problem. If so, I'd call the vet. If not, then it might just be stress-related. Muffin had a bit of diarrhea when I first brought her home, but it cleared up quickly. Make sure Phineas is drinking properly, to ensure he doesn't get dehydrated. As you say, you can add a couple of teaspoons of pumpkin to his food, making sure you use pure pumpkin as opposed to pumpkin pie filling. You should call your vet if the diarrhea continues (or has been a continuous problem to date), if you see any blood or worms in the diarrhea, or if you see any other signs of ill-health. Hopefully, it will clear up by itself within a day or so. Enjoy your new babies!

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