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Clumping litter = Psycho cat!!!

I just switched to clumping litter today from using Yesterday's News. I really don't like non-clumping litters...and no matter how much I cleaned that box it smelled about 3 days after I put fresh stuff in it. I was going through a lot of litter. I scoop it twice a day.

So anyway, I switched to clumping litter...and my cat is going INSANE!!!!!! It is a covered litterbox...and he is in there and just jumping around and digging and pretending he is seeing things and pouncing on them! It's covered, but he's making a MESS! It's really really funny....but does anyone know why he is doing that????? As soon as I put the new litter in he peed in it so I know he likes it. But I don't want the litterbox to become his newest playground!!!!!
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