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I'm not happy about it either. I'm more confused than anything. How does a manager allow his assistant manager to carry a gun? He obviously told him to bring his personal weapon from home or the car. It would be illegal and violate numerous federal laws to use a gun the store had to sell to the public. You can't just load a gun that isn't sold to someone, even if that state doesn't register guns.

In my state, which is open to gun ownership, this would never happen. We have a pretty open society and legal system to guns here in Arizona, yet this kind of thing would never happen. Wal-Mart doesn't let the people who buy a gun in the sporting goods section to go to their car without escort. Wal-Mart may sells guns, but they aren't real gun-friendly. Rest assured, the company is p****d about this and will no doubt fire those involved. Aside from that, I doubt they can do much.

I do see that the charge will be a felony there, so that is a good thing. It will mean a loss in personal rights (gun ownership, voting) and mess up future jobs for sure. I'm sure the person who says he was ordered to kill the animal was as willing as can be. He's just trying to curb responsibility to save his a**.
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