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I had a question about Litterbox locations

Does it matter?

I just adopted a kitten from a shelter nearby and I bought all the essentials.

He's 6 weeks old. I was thinking about the litter box because i've been doing some googling on this toxoplasmosis and i know he's not infected and I intend him to become a house cat so that should be easily avoidable.

anyway, back to the litter box. I read the Clay-based cat litters contain crystalline silica which can be harmfull to breathe in. So since I want to keep this cat basicly inside my apartment bedroom, would having the litter box in my room be a hazard?

I mean how harmful is it?

Any advice on anything regarding this or anything else would be great.

Im using this Arm and Hammer "Super Clay"

Is that bad litter brand? I'm reading another thread on this forum about the litter too. Hopefully I'll puck up some non dust litter. What is the best type right? And, are there Silica-free litters?
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