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I don't think you can ever be "ready" for it. I recently lost one of my boys to cancer and was told he'd probably survive 1 to 3 months after his diagnosis. So I knew it was coming. But that didn't mean I was ready. When that day came 6 weeks later when he wasn't himself anymore, I just knew in my heart. Maybe I was in denial up until that point because he was doing so well, but I took it very hard. I sometimes think that knowing a loved one is going to pass is harder than losing them suddenly. It's hard not to be able to say goodbye, but I think it's harder to watch someone you love die. Just listen to your heart and your instincts and you'll know when it's time. I know that doesn't make it any easier. I'm sorry you're going through this. I would definitely recommend a support group if you can find one. Talking about it, and hearing how others are going through the same thing really does help. (((Hugs)))
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