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I've got tons of examples of how smart Jitzu is, it's truly ridiculous sometimes.

My favorite right now happens at dinner time. I feed her on top of a reptile tank, so it's at about 4 feet. She has to jump to the counter, then step onto the top of the tank. Miss Jitzu is maybe a little chunkier than she should be...due to no fault of mine of course *cough* that's part of why I make her jump up for her dinner.

Every night I put her dinner there and say "Ok Kitten (my favorite nickname for her), there's your dinner." And EVERY night she looks at me, and then lifts her paw as if it's hurt.

So I reply "Your paw is NOT hurt. It's fine." She switches paws. The other one must hurt more.

"No, that one is fine to. You can jump up, you do it all the time." She gives me a very disgruntled look, then jumps up.

EVERY day. The only time I lift her up is if she's been feeling crappy all day.

As for the other cats, Doran is very quick to catch on and be interested in new tricks. Torri would much rather manipulate us than do anything for herself (and she's pretty good at it...we're back to letting her into her room so she can use her own private litter box rather than pee in the one the boys use *eye roll*).

And then there's Muffin. Muffin is very sweet, and loving...not so clever though. He did teach himself how to open cupboards (we had a mouse, he WANTED it)...but three days of the cupboard tied shut and he forgot how to do it. lol. We caught the mouse in a live trap and set him free in 'the wild' (aka the little strip of forest a little walk from our house).
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