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I also wonder about both the felines and the humans in my cats' past. When I was a kid (and clueless, and so was my whole family apparently) we always had female cats that always had kittens. It was just the way it was back then, I guess. There was not the awareness or acceptance that spaying was the way to go. I think also there was not as much overpopulation then - at least we never had trouble finding good homes for all of our kittens that I remember. Anyway, what I was going to say is that was one of the most intriguing parts for me about seeing kittens born and growing up - the expression of the genetics. Since we never really knew what neighborhood tom was the father, we always tried to guess depending on what the kittens looked like.

As far as the humans go, I've always wondered why the cats I have adopted from shelters were given up. Or maybe they were just neglected and left outside to be trapped by rescue groups - either way it wasn't any kind of care, and I just can't fathom that.
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