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My bf's friend who took this one's look-a-like offered to take her in. I want to wait a little bit since she's so young before I give her away though. My bf and I have more experience dealing with kittens/cats than the other couple.

Anyway, I have a slight problem.

The kitten is absolutely adorable ... when she's being sweet. She'll be all sweet and cuddling next to me ... and in the next instant she's biting and clawing at my arm/hand!

I don't recall any of my cats being so vicious when they were that young!

I dunno what to do. When she's sweet she's sweet ... but when she's in her nippy/fighty mood she's downright scary!

Maybe it's because she was obviously attacked by another cat. She also has a random tendency to shrink from hands ... My bf and I think that both this kitten and the other cat were abandoned ... and the previous owners weren't so kind to the cats.

How strange since the older white cat is as sweet as sugar and this one ... wow. If she was full grown I'd be afraid of her!

Is there any way to "correct" her scratching and nipping behavior? I don't want to give her away until she's not so aggressive. I understand that she's young and has had a hard life but ... I don't think anyone would want to take home an aggressive kitty?

I'm gonna try to play with her with the feather toy (for maximum distance) to see if I can tire her out ... hopefully her behavior stems from excess energy.
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