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Apologies to anyone who gets upset of what I am about to write, but I feel rather strongly about this subject:

I just can't believe how people can keep a WILD animal such as an African Serval as a domestic pet on a LEASH!

It is these kind of people who create a demand for rare wild animals. No wonder people in developing countries take the opportunity to hunt and catch them as there are stupid ...................... (censored myself) people who create a demand.

Trade in rare animals is one of the largest trades in the world. No wonder the number of endangered species is increasing greatly on an annual basis ... sadly to say. Did you know for example that an estimated 500,000 or so wild Leopard Cats are killed every year in China alone? Who knows the real statistics - most likely a lot higher - and how many are caught for the pet trade? I don't want to know as it just makes me sad and very angry!
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