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Originally Posted by KsKatt View Post
That would be awesome! Any cat, any size, I love them all!
How old are you? I'm 56 so the odds of my doing anything like that get slimmer by the day. Besides that, I'd never find anyone who would want to petsit all of my kids!
Are you in, or plan to be in classes for animal health/science? That would probably help. Use the trip as part of the studies or even an internship!
Oh, oh, become a vet in a zoo! How cool would that be!!
I'm 41. I'm not at all into biology though. Believe it or not Kevin has NO SPECIAL TRAINING. He used to be a chiropractor. His good friend asked him for help raising a couple lion cubs and voila.. he took over the place, has his own website, youtube, written a book, made a movie and has hundreds of volunteers working for him at his huge "kingdom".

I am fearless with animals and am amazing with cats and dogs. Lions are wild and huge but I just know I would do amazing.
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