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Animal afterlife

I've wondered about posting this for a very long time now, but didn't want to make people sad or stir up controversies. But recently there has been a thread on Christianity so I think we as a group are capable of respectfully discussing big topics.

We talk about the Rainbow Bridge as a symbol of our pets' post-death "location". Obviously no one really knows what happens to their spirits (or souls or presence or whatever word is suitable) after death, so I'm asking for opinions. And I'm asking for a respectable discussion of those opinions.

Do you believe in a Heaven or afterlife for pets? Do you believe they continue to live on only in our hearts and fond memories? I know many of you receive visits from former pets, is that explicable or purely a mystery?

I know this topic couldn't be broached without some discussion of religion or spirituality, so it seemed to me to be not bad timing following the other recent thread.

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