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Proper Harness Size

I took Stormy outside in her harness and leash today. She walked around our apartment breezeway and even made it out to the steps. I'm hoping that she gets a little more mental stimulation from getting to be outside and that eventually I can take her for walks. For now she seems content to go very slowly and sniff everything around her.
I want to do the same with Justin. However, both the harnesses I bought were "one size fits all" and one size does NOT fit Justin. It is rigged with some wire to work and I have tried this on him indoors but I really need a "real" harness. There are some at the local pet store that come in different sizes. I'm sure a small dog type would work. They have different measurements on them (I glanced today). How should I measure Justin and figure out what size harness he will need? I don't want him getting jealous that Stormy gets to go outside and he doesn't. I'm also sort of hoping that if they associate going outside with having their harness on, they won't rush the door (although they don't do that *too* often now anyway).

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