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Too cute...a p.s. on Emmy

I just noticed that Meems, my "all-business" neutered male (6 year old tabby) is "mothering' Emmy during her post-spay recovery period.

He is staying in close proximity to her. Just now, she was playing on the kitchen floor, where a sunbeam lingers on the tile this time of day. Meems flopped down near the sunbeam, putting just his tail in the light and and twitching it. Emmy is playing with his tail. He would never have tolerated this with any of the other cats. He is a loner and "all boy" for the most part. When Emmy saunters into another room, he discreetly follows her and lays a couple of feet away, just quietly keeping an eye on her. He has let her climb all over him, when usually, he won't even let any of the other cats get within 6 feet of him without grouching and leaving.

It is so cute!
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