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We have a bathroom problem

I will begin when it first happened. As most cats usually have some kind of an effect to new food, and I know that Stanky is really bad about these effects and usually has bad diarrhea. I know this & should of not fed her new food immediately, but like a dummy I did. So Thursday I gave them some new food that the vet gave me. Later that day it went through Stanky. The kitten didn't have a problem until maybe early this week. It's weird b/c Friday I went back to their old food and feed habits. I even made it appoint to only feed them dry food for a couple days. Now Monday Stanky had no problems. Since then both of them have been having diarrhea.

This morning I thought there might be a serious problem. I woke up and Stanky had gone 3 times on the floor. I cleaned that up and then took a shower came back and she had went another time. I don't think this is still from the "new" food I fed back on Thursday. I switched back to the old food since then.

Does anyone know what this might be? I have to call the vet anyways to check if my cat had a dis-temperment shot so I might as well ask about this problem.
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