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Hi-Fi Accident (photos)

Hi there,

I would like to share a story from yesterday. I've read some cat nutrition websites that were recommended here on this forum and decided to slowly switch from fry food to canned, and eventually to canned/home-made mix.

I'm on dry/canned stage right now. I've consulted some other forums in my country in order to get the idea which canned food brands are good quality.

I've purchased some recommended good quality cans and fed it to my cats. It was lamb/chicken mix with 70% meat content, so pretty decent.

Albert and Ursjusz refused to eat, but usually reluctant Arwena dug in. That was where the problem started...

After a while she started vomiting - apparently her stomach didn't accept the new food... It wouldn't be a problem since our cats vomit from time to time, but this time she chose to vomit on top of my Hi-Fi amplified...

I've spent the whole evening disassembling, cleaning and reassembling the device. With help of the cats of course. Below is a short photo report from the event

The culprit:

The victim:

The inspector:

The helpers:

The quality check:

Yes you!

That's the joys of keeping a cat But I don't mind.
Best Regards!
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