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Hampton Roads VA - Young Male needs a home asap

This is my beautiful, very unplanned, foster kitty. Long story condensed - he was roaming my neighborhood and while I kept him coming around with food I tried to find an owner, reported him as 'found', and posted him everywhere I could think of while asking anyone I could get ahold of in rescue if they could help. Eventually someone told me their small local rescue would be happy to take him in, vet him, and work on socializing in a foster home as soon as I could get him trapped.. Because I could not, I don't have either the finances or appropriate environment.

I borrowed a trap from a local cat rescue (he is on their waiting list to get into the shelter or a foster home, but as you can imagine, they are very backed up).. Now, I trapped him, and contacted the rescue who said they'd take him.. And they said they'd call right back, and never did. And wouldn't answer. :/

I think semi-feral was a good way to describe him. He got out in my house and nothing within reach remained whole. Amazing the damage a cat can do! lol Once I got him under control and in a crate I had him scanned for a microchip (big surprise, he had none).. I put him in the only room available, which was a tiny bathroom. This went on for a couple of weeks, within the first week he went from panicking when I came in to loving attention. I scraped together what I had and got him vetted, and scanned for a chip again, on the 25th of this month.

He is negative for FelV/FIV, UTD on Rabies and Distemper, and neutered. Estimated to be 2-3yrs old. He has had only one accident out of his box, and that was directly after being neutered.

The room I moved him to is supposed to be occupied by a roommate who moved in soon after He did... They won't stay in there with him. They are being polite about it, and sleeping elsewhere, but it's starting to become a tense situation. I also have two male cats of my own, one is animal aggressive, a high prey drive large dog, and two people who would let him outside if he was roaming the house. Definitely not a good situation to really help him be all he can.

I can't be positive how he is with dogs and cats, but he doesn't react badly when he sees mine. He talks up a storm if you talk to him, it's hilarious. And being in the midst of social rehabilitation, I would not suggest a home with small kids. He is riddled with scars (his nose is ripped partially) from fights, he's put on about five pounds - he's about 12lbs now. They've all healed now. He's a tough boy, but he melts when he trusts someone. He deserves a home to be comfortable and safe and loved for the rest of his life.
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