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I'm in Hampton, Marcia.
I think he would be PTS in a shelter situation, which is why I'm only looking into adopters (he'd be fine with anyone who understands cats, their body language, etc.), fosters, or rescues. I'm asking an adoption fee and contract to the general public to dissuade anyone from jumping on him because he's bloody gorgeous. So far it's worked - only one person was interested and I did not think it would work, so for now she's off the table.

IF it comes down to it (and it might happen accidentally at any time), I will set him up with an outdoor shelter and provide him food and water. At the very least he's vaccinated and neutered now and I HAVE been trying to get him into a home. He knows this neighborhood, and hopefully if that happened he'd stick around and not revert to being fearful of me, but I know that could happen.

That's a last resort, even if I wanted to keep him and could, and got him integrated with my cats, the people I live with are not responsible and he'd be back outdoors the first day he was out of his room. -_-

He's a great guy. I just really wish more people would care enough to TNR at the very least, the numbers out here are awful.. Some poor lady was working on a feral colony - uncared for - in Norfolk I think. She brought in 10 cats to the clinic I took Jack to, and most tested positive for FIV and were PTS - kittens. There are several older feral kittens on my street, and last night a new big, fluffy solid black cat showed up. It's just never ending.
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